Image Credits: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Keith Ellison, the Deputy Chair of the DNC and Minnesota’s current Democratic candidate for Minnesota Attorney General, has recently been hit with an allegation of domestic abuse by his ex-girlfriend of two years, Karen Monahan. This abuse includes both emotional abuse of threatening text messages and physical abuse. There was allegedly an instance of him screaming obscenities at her while dragging her off of a bed by her feet. Her son allegedly later found a video of this. Monahan shared these allegations to four different people after the events took place as well as newly released records of her describing the events to her doctor. Just as she thought, the DNC and Democrats across the country have brushed off Monahan’s story. Ellison was also accused of abuse in a previous relationship in 2005. 

Despite the serious allegations against him, Ellison has the Democratic endorsement for Minnesota Attorney General. Some of the prominent Minnesota Democrats that still stand with Ellison and have made public their endorsements of his candidacy include:

  • Candidate for US Senator Tina Smith

  • Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton

  • 8 Democratic Minnesota state Senators

  • 24 Democratic Minnesota state Representatives

Outside of Minnesota, US Senator Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Walter Mondale have also endorsed Ellison and his candidacy. This raises a lot of concern about what our leaders are standing for. It also raises couple of important questions:

Are Democrats only going to speak out against domestic abuse or sexual misconduct when it is politically convenient for them?

The allegations against Kavanaugh have dominated the news cycle, but rarely are the allegations against Ellison given the coverage. There is no reason that the media should be ignoring them. Many who have expressed that we should believe Kavanuagh’s accuser are not affording that same respect to Ellison’s accuser. In fact, only 5% of Minnesota Democrats believe Monahan’s claims. Democrats are using empty claims for political convenience instead of actually caring about victims of abuse and assault. 

Will Ellison continue to hold public office?

It is very disturbing, as a resident of Minnesota, to see allegations as serious as the ones arising against Ellison be brushed off. It is time that we start holding our officials accountable for their actions. If we cover up serious allegations for the sole purpose of someone being a high-ranking official, we are taking away all of the honor and respect that the respective office holds. As Americans, we deserve more than what we are getting from the Democratic party, Keith Ellison, and every one of the Democrats that has publicly endorsed him and his candidacy.

Karly H