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Women have been supporting other women for decades. In 2017, it is the trendy thing to do, that is, if you agree with every left-wing policy that liberals dictate. Liberals are all for supporting and celebrate a woman…unless she is conservative.

What makes a female with conservative viewpoints any less of a woman?

Is it her ability to think for herself?

Is it her capability to defend herself with facts in an argument?

Her ability to fight for her beliefs in a poised and confident manner?

Is it her values of the free market, independence, life, the right to bear arms or the Constitution?

Whatever the case, it seems conservative women often do not get the recognition that their liberal counterparts do.

Every few months, the modern-day feminist agenda changes to fit their agenda of the day. Many love to hate First Lady Melania Trump, simply because of who she is married to. In fact, she doesn’t speak out on political issues often. They mark her a gold digger or an escort. Feminists ignore the fact that she is fluent in five languages and is the second foreign born First Lady. Not to mention, she has had successful business ventures of her own.

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They encourage the boycott against Ivanka Trump’s clothing line because she’s the daughter of a Republican president. Ivanka Trump even has hints of liberal beliefs. Instead of embracing her as one of their potential allies in the White House, they demean her and claim she doesn’t represent female empowerment.

It seems as if any woman who is strong, accomplished and somehow attached to a Republican or conservative agenda, direct or indirectly, is essentially exiled in the liberal community. Why? Modern feminists will rant on about how feminism is just supporting equal rights for women, until it comes to empowering a woman that doesn’t agree with them. Then, they almost gleefully attack.

Women who actually respect other women regardless of their beliefs is true feminism. It’s what feminism was founded on and what it should still be focused on today. Unfortunately, it’s not. It seems the liberal feminists have skewed and hijacked what feminism stands for, straying far from the original definition.  This makes it hard for many women to identify with or label themselves as a feminist. Feminism is used by the left to make them feel like they are the party of women.

Empowering women means letting women speak for themselves and not assuming that they fit into a specific mold just because of their sex. It means recognizing that they can support and defend conservative policies if they so choose. Empowering women means encouraging that they rise to success in the workplace, in the communities, or in other ways that they choose. This doesn’t mean to put emphasis on their gender, but to have successful qualities and work ethic that makes them stand out.

In fact, it is much more meaningful for a woman to be voted into office or hired for a job based on her policy ideas or work ethic rather than just her gender. Us conservative women proudly survey the issues before we take into account someone’s sex.

“Seeing is the first step toward believing for many women,” said Kellyanne Conway, the counselor to the President, in a 2015 interview. “And for many women, to see that there’s even an alternative to the progressive, liberal orthodoxy that has every woman constantly thinking about abortion, contraception, being a victim of the patriarchy” sends a message that it is okay to be a conservative woman

 I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes. It is one that I always repeat to myself when “feminists” attack me for my conservative views: “You can always tell who the strong women are. They are the ones you see building one another up, instead of tearing each other down.”

When in doubt, be that woman.

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