This will not be a full breakdown of SB0025 because the bill is 126 pages long. However, I will bringing you the “need to know” sections. Let’s get to it.

Title: Reproductive Health Act

Section 1-5 cover the scope of what is to be cover in this law. It states women have bodily autonomy to do whatever they wish, in terms of reproductive health, with their bodies.

Section 1-15 states that women have the fundamental rights to these things:

  • Any woman has the right to do with her body as she wishes in regards to reproductive health and whether or not she receives reproductive health care.

  • Women have the right carry out their pregnancy or have an abortion.

  • A fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus doesn’t have rights in Illinois

Section 1-20 prohibited state actions; causes of action:

A) The state shall not:

1) “Deny, restrict, interfere with, or discriminate against any individual’s exercise of the fundamental rights set forth in this Act”

2) Nor can the state “prosecute, punish, or otherwise deprive any individual of the individual’s rights for any act or failure to act during an individual’s own pregnancy

B) Any party that is aggrieved by conduct or regulation in violation of this act may bring a civil lawsuit.  

Section 1-25 is about the reporting of abortions by healthcare professionals.

  1. Healthcare professionals may provide abortions but they do not have to be doctors. If the baby is viable, the doctor can still perform an abortion if the abortion is necessary to protect the life or health of the patient.

  2. All abortions must be reported to the Illinois Department of Health and must be turned within the 10 days after the abortion is performed.

  3. No identifying information of the patient may be on these forms.

  4. All reports are confidential.

(720 ILCS 513/Act rep.) Section 905-20. The Partial-birth Abortion Ban Act is repealed. This would make it so that D&E abortions are legal again.

The next dozen pages are about family services care, what laws are going to be repealed so this bill can replace it, and new language about family care systems.

Section 910-25 amends “The Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Center” Act by removing the words “including abortions” or “abortion” because this act states that the state of Illinois has no legitimate interest in it.

Article 910 discusses the insurance coverage plans. The amendments include all abortions being covered by insurance, not matter how far along.

Section 910-73 changes the laws surrounding the conscience protections of medical workers.

(210 ILCS 5/3)  (from Ch. 111 1/2, par. 157-8.3) states that unless an abortion needs epidural, general, or spinal anesthesia, the abortion clinic or clinic where the abortion is performed doesn’t need to have the same regulations as an ambulatory medical center.

Again, this is just a summary of the big changes.

You can read the full text of the bill here.

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