Image Credits: Washington Times

Before I talk about the issue I would first like to address why I believe what I believe.  I would like to state that I do not believe in political correctness at all, as it is a form of taking what someone says and scrutinizing the situation and making a huge deal out of something that someone either took to heart that shouldn’t have, or manipulating what someone said out of personal gain in order for the one to become humiliated and tormented later. However, I would like to state why I have such conservative beliefs on the issue at hand because it will be a form of knowledge for the latter of this article. I grew up in a Conservative Christian household where one believes in a marriage between only a man and a woman. Granted, this is what my family raised me on and what they believe.  I don’t respect those who only listen to their parents political and religious beliefs instead of making their own and coming to their own conclusion. Therefore, as a twenty two year old with a lot of religious classes under my belt, millions of questions, and carefully thought out prayers, I have come to claim the same belief. My belief of marriage is only with one man and one woman; nothing more and nothing less. I consider myself a conservative in politics but not so much in religion but that’s for another article.

I want to set the record straight that just because I believe in this type of marriage does not at all mean that I hate homosexuals or transgender people whatsoever. On the contrary, I have many friends that are gay and lesbian and one of my favorite professors in college is a transgender. The real concern I have for writing this article however, is that people have started to assume quite naturally that because someone calls themselves a Conservative or Republican means they are homophobic and that is far from the truth. In today’s culture and modern era in America we see times changing. Our parent’s generation as well as their parent’s generation are becoming the minority while our generation, in college or fresh out of college is becoming the majority. Along with that comes a sense of responsibility and proof that we still have yet to fully attain to but we’ll get there. This also comes with the LGBT movement and thoughts about who is on what side. There should be NO side. Granted, my beliefs as others might be for one type of marriage when others are for another type but that shouldn’t divide us. Let’s take Utah and the LGBT movement for example. I’m sure as most of you are aware Utah is the center for the Mormon community who has the more traditional, conservative beliefs like I have on marriage. Obviously, LGBT has a different view. However, the two came together to work on a bill that is now passed; this is working together for the common good. To restore America to its potential and be a light to others that regardless of differences we can still work together on political, social, and economic issues regardless of what beliefs we all have.

Glenn Beck talked about the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) policy on his show, The Glenn Beck Program. He talked about former Democratic President Bill Clinton enacting the policy into office in the year of 1994. Beck went further to raise awareness that in 2011, DADT was repealed by none other than the present Democratic President Barack Obama. Yet, Republicans were the ones fighting for this policy to stay in play because it shouldn’t be of significance whether to out someone for being straight or gay in the military. The important issue is whether a man or woman is willing and able to accomplish every mission and task set before them, no matter what sex they are attracted to.

In today’s society there are homosexuals who are even Republican because they understand the significance of change within America as well as other issues that we as citizens need to be on our toes about. Ever heard of Log Cabin Republicans (LCR)? These are Republicans who support the LGBT movement and raise awareness throughout this organization about how homosexuals, transgenders, and bisexuals can still be Republicans. Just because people are attracted to the same gender as them does not mean this dictates them to the party of Democrats. On the contrary, there are more issues out there that they may side more towards the Republican Party for. Log Cabin Republicans mission statement is that they are LGBT Republicans and allies who support equality under the law for all, free markets, individual liberty, limited government, and a strong national defense.

Today the parties are more focused in on who can and cannot get money for certain government programs, our national debt, foreign policy issues, illegal immigrants, and the list goes on. Yes, same sex marriage is still a topic, no one is faltering this. However, no one can say a certain party has more of a platform. If someone asks what party you affiliate with and you say Republican and their response is “oh you must be homophobic”, walk away because they are too ignorant to talk to.


Kaitlin O