Dear President Obama,

Can you now admit that our greatest national security threat indeed is not climate change and that it is ISIS? Say it with me, radical Islamic terrorism? I agree with you, as do a majority of American people that it is not all Muslims, but when terrible tragedies, like the attacks in Brussels yesterday, occur in the name is Islam, how can you sit there and act like you play no role in this?

You, President Obama, are the one who gave millions of dollars to Iran — the number one state sponsor of terrorism. You, President Obama, are the one who has been downplaying these incidents, from the Paris attacks to the attacks in San Bernardino to the Police officer shot in Philadelphia last month.  All of these tragedies were done in the name of Islam.  You, President Obama, as the President of the United States are supposed to protect the citizens of this nation.  I can say, for myself, that I do not feel protected by you.  You, President Obama, wonder why gun sales have been skyrocketing.  Just a thought, it might be because you have decided to not keep us safe so we feel as though we have to do it on our own.

I can only pray we will have someone going into the White House come January 20, 2017 that makes protecting the citizens of this country a first priority.  We need a President who is focused on keeping America safe, not someone who said TODAY that ISIS is not an existential threat. If you do not believe that there will be more attempts of attacks, abroad and at home, you are more delusional than I ever thought you were.

I hope that you will begin to finally do the right thing and take the threat is ISIS seriously. This country and it’s citizens deserve it, EVEN it tarnishes your “legacy.” I think the best legacy you could leave is keeping the people of this country alive and safe but maybe that’s just me.