“We are the party of tolerance!” they scream.

“We believe in female empowerment!” they say.

“We fight for equality!” they yell.

They claim this to be true…unless it goes against their political agenda and beliefs, then they are anything but tolerant.

Recently a conservative female group – Network of enlightened Women (NeW) from American University has come under fire by fellow students – being accused of promoting “white feminism” and brainwashing their peers.

NeW is set to have Sabrina Schaeffer, the executive director of the Independent Women’s Forum, to talk about the “conservative take on feminism” on February 8th. Topics such as the wage gap and gender politics on college campuses are expected to be discussed. Of course, the progressive feminists are outraged and cannot let this happen.

Fellow AU students took to writing negative Facebook comments on the NeW’s page. The College Fix was able to report screenshots:

One female student reportedly wrote:

“When I hear ‘conservative feminism’ I think ‘white feminism’ – empowerment when it’s convenient and ignoring POC [people of color], plus the added horror of supporting those who trample on reproductive rights.”

Another female student shared the event on her Facebook and stated the following:

“Sure NeW, you can ‘enlighten’ me through your ‘Gentlemen Showcase’ or tell me abortion as a right is unnecessary, but I will just call this group out for what it really is – telling women to be content with inequality and be brainwashed into thinking conservatism is empowering.”

A male student also referred to “conservative feminism” as “oxymoronic.”

The party of tolerance seems to be the party of intolerance when it comes to topics that don’t line up with their agenda.  

Modern Feminists and Leftists continue to show their hypocrisy time and time again.

The president of the NeW chapter Krista Chavez attempted to subdue the fire by releasing the following statement:

“The rhetoric that emerged recently regarding our event to host Sabrina Schaeffer, director of the Independent Women’s Forum, with the Kennedy Political Union sparked a series of social media posts by students who disagree with our message, suggesting that our group is anti-woman,” Chavez wrote on the NeW’s website.

“These attacks are absolutely erroneous,” she stated. “The idea of conservative being pro-woman is certainly not ‘oxymoronic.’ Identifying as a conservative does not make us ‘brainwashed’ or ‘content with inequality.’ It actually means that we have considered both sides of the issues, analyzed the arguments, and come to different conclusions that may not identify with modern liberalism or liberal feminism. We do not choose this path because it is ‘convenient. To dissent from pressure to conform to a certain ideology is difficult and why we exist as an organization.”

However, this is not the only slander the NeW has received. They are also set to co-host an event with AU’s College Republicans where Karl Rove, GOP political strategist and former George W. Bush Chief of Staff, is set to speak on February 16th.

William McNamara, a former student government, leader is arguing that the conservative message is an “anathema” to the school. In an op-ed for a student publication called The Rival he wrote:

“AU is a very liberal-leaning community. Which begs the important question many are asking which is, why is [Kennedy Political Union] bringing a speaker that the majority of the campus doesn’t care for?”  

Profanity was even used to get this progressive message across. An SIS student and notable KPU malcontent Bill Kakenmaster stated:

“I am f**king sick of my student activity fee going to individuals, ideologies, and organizations that neither I, nor a majority of student organizations support. Karl Rove may well be sought after, but to call him a political ‘brain’ is to discredit valid political intellectualism.”

The president of AU’s College Republicans Stuart Algood and Krista Chavez released a joined statement in an open-letter Feb. 2nd, where they said they were “very proud to bring different conservative speakers to create a message that encourages free speech, intellectual diversity, and civil discourse among all AU students.”

Now why is it that a group that is supposed to embrace women and empower all women, continues to show they only support those who agree with them? Why do they continue to show conservative women have no place in “feminism” nor are they allowed to have a different perception of feminism?

The hypocrisy of leftists is at its finest at American University.

The idea that someone with a different view and opinion is not allowed to speak on your campus is absurd. Conservatives are continuously called “close-minded” “intolerant” and “bigots” – quite ironic, isn’t it?

It is okay to be a conservative woman and it is okay to be a conservative. Never let leftists shame you for thinking the right way.  

Brittany C
FFL Contributor
Brittany is a 17 year old political activist who is a Contributor for FFL & OUTSET Magazine as well as an intern for the Kelli Ward campaign. She loves her dog...and that's about it. You might find her with a book and coffee in her hands when she's not showing people why their opinion is wrong.