If you’ve been to college or are in it right now, you’re aware of the blatant liberal bias that surrounds college campuses.  Some teachers teach liberal talking points as facts.  Many of these facts are LIES.  Here are some of the biggest lies my liberal professors told me:

1) We stole Mount Rushmore’s land from the Sioux

This is another one of the most espoused lies by the left. They paint our forefathers as plundering barbarians who stole land from innocent children unable to defend themselves. What these infamous faux-historians fail to mention is that that land has not always belonged to the Sioux. Land, in not only pre-Colonial America but also the world, traded hands often and violently. Before it belonged to the Sioux, they stole it from someone else. That land has changed hands so many times it would be nearly impossible to trace its original owners.   Also, the idea that a national monument that attracts millions of dollars in business to an area is an affront to any culture’s existence is outrageous.  Let’s just appreciate mutual land stealing and good ole money.



2) The minimum wage helps the poor

This is one of the most espoused “facts” that is riddled with holes like Swiss cheese.  The idea that making employers pay more wages to workers with less skill does not equate to more employment or lifting anyone out of poverty. Studies have been done that prove raising the minimum wage actually hurts the poor, and puts them at an even greater disadvantage.  The minimum wage is not designed to help the poor, and forcing employers to lay off some workers to pay others more puts the poor at an even greater disadvantage.



3) We stole half of Mexico in the Mexican-American War

To first dispute this, we must look at the point of war. Is conquering land or territory not one of the key reasons behind war?  If you are really interested in learning more about this horribly false fact,  I recommend watching Dinesh D’Souza’s America: Where Would We Be Without Her? This is not a valid argument to support illegal immigration, liberal professors. We used to belong to England but that doesn’t mean we let the British walk all over us today.  American territory belongs to America, and we have every right to defend that territory from people trying to enter it illegally.



4) Capitalists caused the Great Depression

Actually, many things caused the Great Depression and what saved our country from that economic downfall was capitalism.  One of the prevailing theories about what caused the Great Depression was an overall underconsumption of goods and services by the American people. The Great Depression lasted as long as it did because people were wary of the market and investing. It took capitalists and their desire to make money to start this country on a rebound. Another popular theory is that the Great Depression was caused by mismanagement by big government, specifically the Federal Reserve.  It is high time that liberal teachers stopped saying capitalism was the root of all evil and caused the greatest market crash our country has ever seen.  Look at the facts, look at the rebound, and look at how far we have come (and why.)