Last year, I decided I was not going to be a statistic and decided to get my lifestyle in check. I joined my local gym and began my lifestyle transformation. I have been working with a personal trainer this past year and it has changed my life. I have inspired several people close to me to join me and I would like to inspire you as well. Here are some simple reminders on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

1) Make the decision to make a lifestyle change and not “diet”anymore: Fad diets don’t work. You need to decide to live a healthy lifestyle. Carb diets, juice cleanses and cottage cheese diets just make your weight fluctuate like a rubber band. Creating a healthy lifestyle, and cutting out the bad for good, will give you consistent and permanent results. This doesn’t mean cut out Starbucks cold turkey, but keep everything in moderation. Making this change will not be an overnight transformation and needs to be phased in over time.

2) Set a large goal and work backwards: Want to lose 10 pounds? Break that down into a monthly goal and then into a weekly goal. Realistic goals produce results. Make a goal that is personal to you. Stop comparing yourself to other people, everyone’s body is different. 10 pounds on you is way different that 10 pounds on someone else.

3) Be submerged in your lifestyle change: Follow some fitness social media accounts. When you are scrolling through your news feeds and have constant reminders of fitness, it helps keep you reminded of your goals.

4) Don’t cheat yourself: Make your steps count. Park at the end of the parking lot. Walk to class. Take the stairs. Chose the Tall instead of the Grande. Skip the ranch dressing. Drink plenty of water.

5) Get a step counter: Whether it’s your phone or a watch, counting your steps helps you see at any time of the day how far you are from meeting your goal. It is also helpful to use a calorie counting app to see how many calories a day you are really consuming.

6) Consider working with a personal trainer at least once. I did not realize how unhealthy my lifestyle was until I worked with a trainer. I didn’t know good carbs from bad carbs and the best way to get protein. Working with a trainer has changed my life. Most gyms offer a free session when you join. It is well worth it to do at least the free workout with them.

7) Find a workout buddy: Make a commitment to meet at the gym and bust out your cardio. It holds you both accountable. It is much more enticing to go straight home after watch and curl up on the couch with Netflix.

I would love to help anyone start their lifestyle transformation and share my story further in anyway that I can. Now’s the time to get off the couch. Stop making excuses.The hardest part is starting. You can do it. Best of luck to you on your new healthy lifestyle.

Srat Mom
FFL C ontributor