Image Credits: FOX News

We all want to be the next Jesse Watters, and nothing makes us laugh quite like watching a well-conducted man on the street interview. Don’t you love laughing at someone at a political rally who can’t even tell you who our first president was, or one of those Obama supporters who proclaims his love for everyone of Mitt Romney’s policy points?

Man on the Street interviews are a great way for young political activists and budding journalists to get content to show off their skills, make a splash in the world, and have a good laugh. You won’t be the next Jesse Watters after your first interview, but if you follow this tips and tricks of the trade, you’ll be well on your way. Man on the Street interviews are great to do on college campuses, where students are supposedly the best and brightest, and yet often have no idea what they are talking about.

First, let’s look at an example of a professional man on the street interview, done by the one and only Jesse Watters.

Now, here is a more amateur man on the street interview, done by the lovely Anna Lippincott, when Obama visited Ohio University. This video is proof that you don’t need a high quality camera crew from Fox News to capture people in their natural environment. You can have fun and catch people being illogical. Yes, I’m talking about the guy wearing a coal hat but supporting Obama.  Start watching at 0:47.

So let’s go through some tips and tricks to help you master the man on the street interview.

1) Know your target

To capture a great man on the street interview, you have to target illogical protesters and people who have strong views with no reasoning to back them up. Those people make for the best interviews. People at Democrat rallies are obvious targets, but so are protesters that are protesting events like free speech debates, Constitution Day, Freedom Week, or a pro-life group.

2) Know your equipment

This is 2016. Stop shooting vertical video on your iPhone. Turn it 90 degrees and capture the perfect video to upload to YouTube afterwards. Make sure you have good sound quality, because you’re going to want to hear what is being said. Editing is a breeze if you use basic software like iMovie, so don’t fret too much about that.

3) Prepare questions

You want to look prepared, but you also don’t want anyone else to steal the show. Be prepared to ask questions like, “How do you feel about Hillary Clinton’s hatred for coal jobs?” or “Did you know that Donald Trump is married to an accused rapist?” You know what you like to see in a man on the street interview.  Mirror that in your own interview.

4) Act serious

Don’t give yourself away too easily.

5) Ask questions where there is a fact-based right answer.

These are fun to showcase how crazy people are in general, not just how flawed their opinions are.

6) Don’t freak out if someone tries to one up you.

There will always be a smart protester, but they aren’t the norm. Just play nice and move on.

7) Don’t be afraid to play a part.

You are acting when you do man on the street interviews, especially when you are in enemy territory.

8) Don’t try and be mean.

Let people make fools of themselves. Don’t cruelly call them “stupid” or “scum of the earth” if they don’t answer the way you want them to or the facts say they should. Let their words speak for themselves. A good smirk can do wonders on camera.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member