One week after the 2018 midterm elections, the new class of the 116th Congress have descended on Capitol Hill to learn the ropes. Some of them have previously served in the House of Representatives, but many of these freshmen senators are new to the hill. In case you need a reminder, here is how the Senate races shook out on November 7th. As of the writing of this article, the Florida Senate race has still not been decided. If the Democrat wins, Bill Nelson will return to Congress. If the Republican prevails, Rick Scott will join the Senate’s freshman class. Because of the uncertainty of that race, we are not including Scott in this list – for now.

From the Republican side…

Marsha Blackburn, Tenneseee

Marsha Blackburn/ Twitter

Blackburn is the first ever female senator from Tennessee and beat her Democratic opponent Phil Bresden despite him being endorsed by Taylor Swift. Blackburn is 66-years-old and formerly served as a representative in Congress for the state from 2003 to 2018. She fills the Senate seat left open by the retirement of Senator Bob Corker. Blackburn is a traditional conservative, pro-life, and opposes net neutrality. She has been a close Trump ally and even served on his transition team in 2016.

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Mike Braun, Indiana

Mike Braun / Twitter

Braun defeated incumbent Democratic senator Joe Donnelly in Indiana. Braun is 64-years-old and a former Democrat. Though Braun did serve in the state legislator, he has a predominantly business background. Braun is an avid hunter, an NRA member, wants to reform healthcare, and campaigned on draining the swamp. Braun was supported by Trump in his election.

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Mitt Romney, Utah

Mitt Romney / Twitter

Former presidential nominee Mitt Romney, also formerly the governor of Massachusetts, was elected handily to replace retiring Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah. Romney is 71-years-old and has been an outspoken critic of candidate and President Donald Trump. He, like Braun, also has an extensive business background. Romney ran his 2018 campaign on lowering taxes, stopping the flow of opioids into the country, and maintaining America’s military superiority.

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Kevin Cramer, North Dakota

Cramer defeated incumbent Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota. He is 57-years-old and previously served as the state’s only representative to Congress. Cramer was the youngest person ever named to his state party’s chairmanship, being only 30 at the time. He supports removing federal funding from Planned Parenthood, has been critical of gun control measures, and has previously voted to repeal the estate tax. President Trump campaigned for him in 2018.

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Josh Hawley, Missouri

Josh Hawley / Twitter

Hawley beat Democrat incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill in Missouri and served as the state’s Attorney General until being elected. He is 38-years-old and previously wrote a biography of Theodore Roosevelt as well as being admitted to the Supreme Court bar. While AG of Missouri, Hawley filed lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies for hiding the dangers of certain painkillers and announced a statewide audit of backlogged rape kits. He identifies as a constitutional conservative and a dedicated advocate of religious liberty and was supported by Trump in 2018.

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From the Democrat side…

Kyrsten Sinema, Arizona 

Kyrsten Sinema / Twitter

After a long delay in final vote counting, Sinema beat Rep. Martha McSally to become the first female senator from Arizona, replacing the seat vacated by retiring Jeff Flake. Sinema, age 42, is definitely a Democrat, but ran a considerably more centrist campaign than other candidates. Her campaign supported full military funding, law enforcement at home, and the DREAM Act. She supports Planned Parenthood.

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Jacky Rosen, Nevada

Jacky Rosen / Twitter

Rosen defeated Republican incumbent Dean Heller to be the next senator from Nevada. She is a Democrat, 61-years-old, and formerly represented the state’s third district in Congress.  She supports more funding for public schools, believes healthcare is a right, and supports Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice groups.

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