We often hear about the pink wave and year of the woman in glossy women’s magazines, and while it is largely been associated with the Democratic party, Republican women are also motivated to step up and run to enact positive change in their state and their communities. Meet the four Republican women who are running for Governor of their state this November.

Andria Tupola

Running for: Governor of Hawaii

Andria Tupola has been a part of the Hawaii House of Representatives since 2014 and now she’s running for the Governor mansion.  During her time in the Hawaii House, she became the Minority Leader, making her the first Samoan woman to be in the role. To learn more about Tupola, and her campaign, click here.

Kim Reynolds 

Running for: Governor of Iowa

Kim Reynolds became Governor of Iowa when Terry Branstad, the former Governor, became US Ambassador to China. She is the first female governor of the state and she is seeking her first full term this November. Prior to her governship, she was Lt. Governor and also served in the Iowa state senate. Check out her campaign website here.

Kristi Noem

Running for: Governor of South Dakota

Noem has been South Dakota’s Representative in the US House since 2011 and now, she’s running for governor. If she wins the race against her opponet, she will shatter a glass ceiling and become the first female governor of the state. Learn more about Kristi and her campaign here.

Kay Ivey 

Running for: Governor of Alabama

Kay Ivey is the incumbent governor running for reelection. She is the second woman to be in the position and the first female Republican governor the state. Prior to her role as Governor, she also served as Lt. Governor and State Treasurer. Check out her website to learn more about Kay Ivey and her campaign here.

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