During the 2016 election, Wisconsin turned completely red. Our state re-elected Senator Ron Johnson for his second term and we elected a Republican president for the first time since President Ronald Reagan.

This leaves Wisconsin’s Democrat incumbent senator, Tammy Baldwin, in a vulnerable position going into the 2018 midterm election. Baldwin has a bad record on voting against Wisconsinites on tax reform, veterans’ issues, and the right to life.  

Enter Leah Vukmir.

Leah Vukmir is a military mom and nurse. She first got involved in politics when she saw something in her daughter’s classroom that she didn’t like and wanted to change how government was impacting her family. Vukmir stood up to fight for her children and Wisconsin families, built a grassroots network of concerned parents, and ultimately ran for the state Legislature.

In her time in the state Assembly and Senate, she stood with Governor Scott Walker despite unprecedented protests from the labor unions that literally shook the state Capitol. Together, they fought for the right to work, cut taxes by more than $8 billion, expanded School Choice statewide, froze tuition for in-state students at the University of Wisconsin system and defended the sanctity of life.

In the U.S. Senate, Vukmir would build upon these conservative reforms with policies that would support all Americans. She believes in completely repealing Obamacare, reducing government overreach and spending, keeping taxes on Americans low, caring for our veterans and supporting our Constitution.

Recently,Vukmir took on a few liberal female elected officials after they wrote an op-ed criticizing Governor Walker for “leaving women behind.” She responded by saying she “will not stand by silently while women claim we are only strong thanks to government.” She firmly rejects that the left are the only ones who represent women. Women are empowered and succeeding in Wisconsin with Republican leadership.

Vukmir is the only conservative in the race with a proven conservative record. She has what it takes to take on Baldwin, an ultra-liberal who only supports her interests in DC instead of the needs of hardworking Wisconsinites. Vukmir is in the primary with other Republican candidates. She hopes to be the nominee after the August 14th primary. 

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When it comes to defeating Baldwin in the fall, it is going to take someone who will not relent and can make the debate truly about the issues, and not identity politics. Baldwin has spent her time aligning herself with her most liberal colleagues and out-of-state elitist donors, while hiding behind an image of bipartisanship. Vukmir is prepared to destroy this image with her record of delivering prosperity and a bright future for Wisconsinites.

Leah Vukmir will rise to the challenge of fighting for liberty and freedom when she is elected to the U.S. Senate. Wisconsinites can trust that she will take the tough votes to make America stronger, even if that might not always be the politically popular thing to do — because she’s already done it at the state level. We simply don’t need more of the same coming from Washington. We need someone like Vukmir who has proven she will work tirelessly to make America greater than it was the day before.

Alesha G
Alesha is a sophomore at UW-Madison studying Political Science, Strategic Communications, and Reporting. When she isn’t cheering for the Badgers, you can catch her studying in one of Madison’s many coffee shops. She is the Deputy Communications Director of her College Republicans Chapter. She loves Jesus, Capitalism, and Fall. She hopes to be a Dog-Mom practicing law in Washington D.C.