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“Welcome home,” 94-year-old former President George H.W. Bush said as he met a new friend earlier this week.

America’s VetDogs, which is a nonprofit that has paired military veterans with service dogs since 2003, introduced Bush 41 to Sully, an adorable two-year-old yellow lab. The organization works with veterans all over the country and connected with the 41st president due to his involvement with Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The former president tweeted out a ‘thank you’ to the organization with a photo on Monday.


A VetDogs press release says that Sully was trained through a prison puppy program, in which inmates train puppies to be service dogs. At 15 months, Sully began training for specific tasks, fine-tuning his skills to be an effective companion. Sully is capable of a list of tasks that spans two pages, including answering the phone.

According to People, former President Bill Clinton facilitated Sully and Bush’s first meeting. Sully’s namesake is pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger III, who infamously landed a plane on the Hudson River in 2009. It seems as though Sully is already feeling at home and has an Instagram page to document his journey with the Bushes. The account posts from Sully’s “perspective,” and is an essential follow. As well, the seemingly light-hearted posts shed light on how important the job of service dogs really is.

Today reported that the Bushes are no strangers to furry family members. While H.W. Bush and Barbara were in the White House, they were dog-parents to Millie and Ranger. Later, Fred Bush, a Cocker Spaniel, published a book. Bush 43 and Laura also adopted Scottish terriers during their time in a White House.

Bush 41 now requires Sully’s services as he is constrained to a wheelchair or scooter due to a vertebra break in 2015 that mocks the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. He has recently been hospitalized a few times with low blood pressure and fatigue. As well, Sully is a welcomed addition to Bush’s life after his wife of 73 years passed away in April.

Service dogs are provided to veterans through this organization at no cost even though it costs nearly $50,000 to train each dog. To donate to America’s VetDogs, visit this link.

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