Rep. Marianette Miller-Meeks officially won by 6 votes in the closest U.S. House race in nearly 50 years. Rep. Miller-Meeks presently represents Iowas 2nd District, and was sworn-in after a statewide canvass (recount) of the votes declared her the winner. But now Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is looking to overturn the will of the Iowa people and even disregard Iowa law to replace Rep. Miller-Meeks with Democrat Rita Hart, almost 6 months after the election was held.  

Ms. Hart claims 22 discarded votes would have made her the winner had they counted, and so petitioned the Committee on House Administration, which was approved with a party line vote. Now the election results are being reviewed an additional time, despite Iowa law already certifying Rep. Miller-Meeks. Speaker Pelosi even congratulated Rep. Miller-Meeks in a letter.

Rep. Miller-Meeks is a doctor and U.S. Army Veteran, earning the rank of Lt. Col. before retiring to form her own medical practice. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy wrote in an op-ed that Rep. Miller-Meeks serves on the House GOP Doctors Caucus as well as the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis, has volunteered to administer Covid vaccines to her constituents in her free time, introduced legislation that would require a negative COVID-19 test before any illegal immigrant arrivals are released from custody, and recently traveled with a delegation of House Republicans to our southern border where she analyzed Bidens Border Crisis firsthand.”

Speaker Pelosi has been quoted as saying it is her right as speaker” to either seat or unseat any member of Congress that she pleases, regardless of if the election is certified. Additionally, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki spoke on behalf of the Biden Administration, saying that the Administration is OK with overturning the official results as the process… is whats being followed here.” 

Current U.S. Representative Rick Crawford of Arkansas shared on Twitter,Today the President sided with Nancy Pelosi to unequivocally reverse the results in IA02. By officially endorsing this action, (Senate Majority Leader) Chuck Schumer has been proven right when he proclaimed Democrats would change the worldif they won the Senate.” He continued when quote tweeting a video of Pelosis press conference, Well there is an old saying that absolute power corrupts, absolutely. Here, in her own words, is the Speaker of the House saying she can unseat any member of the House she wants. No mincing of her words…”

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds remarked, “We cannot let this happen. We cannot federalize our elections, and if it can happen in Iowa, it can happen in any other state of this country.”

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Jordan O

Jordan Orris works in political marketing for some of the nation’s top conservative candidates and nonprofits. She is an alumna of Auburn University and Ole Miss. Originally from Henderson, Nevada, she enjoys SEC Football, reading, and politics.