The world was awoken on Monday morning to news that Meghan Markle, the American actress who married Prince Harry back in May, was expecting her first child. The 37-year-old duchess and 34-year-old prince just embarked on their first international trip together as royals. Obviously, we are all very excited but there are a lot of misconceptions about the royal family out there and especially Meghan Markle, who is a duchess, not a princess. Let’s breakdown three things you absolutely need to know to have an informed discussion about this very important topic.

First, let’s take a look at the official statement from Kensington Palace:

1) She’s between 12 and 15 weeks along

Accounts differ depending on where you look, but it is said that she has already had her 12 week scan and another publication says she is due around Princess Charlotte’s birthday, which is in early May.  Currently, Brexit is scheduled for March 29th. News of a royal birth could be a major news upset on that front. Princess Charlotte will be four-years-old on May 2nd, 2019. Maybe she’ll even share a birthday with her new cousin.

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2) Her first royal tour is being only slightly impacted by the pregnancy

Meghan and Harry are currently touring Australia, Fiji, and Tonga per their royal engagement. Though Meghan is pregnant, the trip is still taking place full-steam ahead. Some of the areas they are visiting have experienced concerns with Zika virus in the past though. Because of that, Meghan will be skipping some events that occur near water in the early morning, when the mosquitos that transmit Zika are most active. Every other tour stop, and there are about 76 scheduled during the two week visit, is on. She’s not going to let a little pregnancy slow her down. As long as she stays in good health, she’ll be there to meet the people of the area, visit the zoo, and see the famous Sydney Opera House, which is celebrating it’s 45th anniversary this year.

3) Her baby probably won’t ever rule over the United Kingdom

If you’re not up-to-speed on your British line of succession, you might get excited about a half-American, and biracial, child one day taking over the rule of England, but that’s not likely to happen. When the baby is born in the Spring of 2019, it will be seventh in line to the throne, behind grandfather Prince Charles, Uncle Prince William, Prince William’s three children, and the child’s own father, Prince Harry. If Prince William has any more children, they will also be above Meghan and Harry’s child in the line of succession. In line with rules related to the line of succession, the child won’t be a prince or princess either. Instead, they will be titled Earl or Lady depending on their gender. The baby will likely use the last name Sussex, a reflection of their parent’s title, as Prince William’s children use the last name Cambridge.

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