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Last night, Megyn Kelly hosted her first primetime special on FOX, Megyn Kelly Presents, where she spoke with Donald Trump, Michael Douglas, defense attorney Robert Shapiro, and transgender star Laverne Cox. With the retirement of Barbara Walters and Kelly’s contract ending soon, Megyn saw the void in prime-time interviewers and took the opportunity to show the world that she can go bigger than Fox News.

The first segment of the show focused on Donald Trump and the drama that has ensued between the two of them over the last nine months. Megyn asked lots of personal and thought-provoking questions like if anyone had ever personally hurt Trump before and if he regrets any of his rhetoric and Twitter choices over the course of the campaign.

Trump talked about his alcoholic brother, who died an early death, and how that impacted him over his lifespan. Donald admitted that he has never had a glass of alcohol as a result of his brother — a little known fact about him. Donald also spoke about how his work ethic and involvement in his business impacted many of his romantic relationships, causing his divorces in the past.

Trump tried to avoid many of the more personal questions at first, but Megyn did a great job in making Donald answer the questions she was asking and being professional in a potentially awkward and uncomfortable interview experience.

Megyn’s interview with Laverne Cox was also very touching and personal, where she talked about her previous suicide attempt as a teenager and whether she wishes she was born a woman — which she replied no. In her interview with Michael Douglas, she talked about his multiple appearances in the tabloids, his fight with cancer and how his son’s incarceration related to drug charges has impacted his life.

Finally, in her final segment with Robert Shapiro she discussed the OJ Simpson trial and how he thought about the closing argument regarding the glove that did not fit on OJ’s hand. He also talked about how his son’s death from drug overdose has impacted his life and how he started his business, Legal Zoom.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Megyn Kelly’s first primetime interview special. I thought it showed a more personal and humorous side to Megyn that we usually don’t see. I hope she continues to interview impactful people in our world and I’m excited to see where her career will go from here. Thanks for showing us what a true Female Leader looks like, Megyn.

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