As Republicans, we are constantly accused of being too unemotional or too unintelligent because we take our time reacting to breaking news. Republicans get accused of caring about babies only before birth. Republicans get blasted for not believing all women. Has anyone been paying attention to the Democrats recently?

New York passed an abortion bill that would allow for the termination of life even after birth. The state of Virginia had a very similar bill, but thankfully, it was shot down. Then, Senator Ben Sasse introduced a bill that’s sole purpose was to protect life that was born after a botched abortion.

You know what Democrats did?

Democrats sat back and said nothing. The Democrats in New York ignored the truly horrific realities of what their bill would do because they are that worried that their radical base will turn on them. Democrats in Virginia, including the Governor who we will get to later for other issues, defended this bill; even saying that the babies would be kept “comfortable” in their death.

Crickets from Democrats.

Then, Democrats in the Senate shot down Senator Sasse’ “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Act.”

Still silence from Democrats.

The same Democrats who are screaming to keep abortion “safe, legal, and rare” are making it less safe, taking away legal rights of the born, and making it a lot less rare. Middle of the road Democrats have remained silent. In fact, they have showed that they have no qualms with infanticide.

Governor Ralph Northam was exposed as a racist when his page from his medical yearbook circulated showing a photograph of two men: one dressed in black face and the other dressed as a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Governor Ralph Northam apologized, then recanted on his story say that he is neither of those people. Thankfully, Democrats did take a stand against Governor Northam.

Since, things have quickly dialed back. Why? Because now we’re dealing with a situation regarding Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor.

That’s right. Virginia’s reporters are busy this week because allegations of sexual assault have surfaced about their state’s Lieutenant Governor, Justin Fairfax.

Democrats? Silent.

They are even defending him saying that the “there are no facts.” This very well may be true, but why weren’t they saying that during the Kavanaugh hearings? What happened to “believe all women?” 

Democrats are choosing to put party over principle in the most dangerous of ways. In fact, there seem to be many more middle of the road Republicans than there are Democrats. This political showboating is only solidifying how their party is crumbling beneath them. They are electing socialists as the more capitalist Democrats are afraid to vocalize their beliefs. Why? Because it might isolate their base. Democrats are fearful of speaking out against these infanticide bills that are popping up left and right because they are afraid of seeming “anti-woman” and dare I say, they might even be called “pro-life.” Call it what you want, but it’s pro-common sense to be against infanticide. Liberal and Democtats alike aren’t standing with women or believing them because it doesn’t benefit their agenda to oust Governor Northam.

Democrats are growing increasingly more radical out of fear of excluding the young folks after all we constantly hear about how far right the Republican Party is going. But as someone who works in politics, I can tell you this: Republican politicians are moving more to the middle and Democrats are moving further left.

Democrats are moving dangerously far to the left, but wonder why Republicans aren’t willing to work with them. There are Democratic US Representatives wishing horrible things on our allies, cursing out our president, and throwing tantrums for the media for attention yet insinuate we’re the ones who have gone crazy.

Republicans are often called Trumpets. That’s quite ironic. Why? Because I’ve never seen more Republicans publicly call out our president than I have in these last few years. Republicans call out their peers constantly and maybe our party is better for it. 

If you’re are a middle of the road Democrat, start speaking up. Your loudest voices are remaining silent on some of the most pressing human rights issues of our time.

Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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