With the Presidential Election coming next year, there have been many names being tossed around as potential candidates for the Republican Party. One of the recently popular potential candidates is not a career politician, but a doctor, a neurosurgeon to be exact: Ben Carson. Carson is not only an extremely successful doctor, but he is also an author of six bestselling books, and he’s a conservative who officially joined Republican Party back in 2014.

Ben Carson started his medical career at John Hopkins Hospital, where he was a neurosurgery resident. While he originally started in adult patients, he later became interested in pediatrics. His most famous surgery was back in 1987 when he, alongside a 70-member surgical team, worked for 22 hours straight to successfully separate twins who were conjoined in the head. In 2013, he officially retired as a surgeon, with the thought of politics and running for office up in the air.

Many people may be questioning why a neurosurgeon would be interested in politics, and in the words of Dr. Carson himself: “Perhaps you’ve wondered why a neurosurgeon is sharing his ideas about government. You might be surprised to know that 5 physicians signed the Declaration of Independence, and many of them were involved with the creation of the US Constitution. I believe it is a very good idea for physicians, scientists, engineers, and others trained to make decisions based on facts and empirical data to get involved in the political arena and help guide our country.”

Ben Carson not only likes to make decisions based on facts, he also prides himself on being politically incorrect. He stated in a 2013 speech, which President Barack Obama was in attendance, that “PC is dangerous because, you see, this country, one of the founding principles was freedom of thought and freedom of expression. And it muffles people. It puts a muzzle on them. And, at the same time, keeps people from discussing important issues, while the fabric of this society is being changed.”

Outside of politics and neurosurgery, Dr. Ben Carson understands the importance of a good education. He set up the Carson Scholars Fund back in 1994 which gives scholarships to students who have humanitarian qualities and academic excellence. He set up this fund after he read a research study that stated out of 22 countries, the United States was number 21 regarding science and math skills. Since 1994, there have been 5,700 scholarships awarded to children across the United States.

While it isn’t known for sure if Dr. Carson will actively pursue a career in politics, many polls suggested that he is one of the favorites among conservatives for 2016. With his logic, beliefs, and accomplishments, one thing is certain: His title of FFL’s February #MCM is well deserved.

Stephanie F
FFL Cabinet Member