Image Credits: Turning Point USA

 If you attended CPAC this year, or watched any news coverage of the conference, you’ve heard of this month’s #MCM. We are delighted to feature Turning Point USA’s Founder and Executive Director Charlie Kirk as our Monthly Conservative Man. Since it’s inception on June 5th 2012, TPUSA has grown tremendously. Now, TPUSA is represented on over 1,000 high schools and college campuses across the country.

According to their website, the organization’s mission is to identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote the principles of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government. This is a mission that everyone here at FFL respects. In a time when liberal influence runs wild on campus across the United States, it is a relief to know there is a group like TPUSA to help give conservatives a voice.

April’s #MCM was even kind enough to answer a few questions for the FFL readers about himself and Turning Point USA!

What inspired you to get involved with politics?

“I have been involved in politics since I was 12 years old. I always loved campaigns and was always fascinated with the highly competitive high stakes nature of politics.”

Do you have any advice for young Americans who are thinking about getting involved in politics?

“Do it! Remember it’s a long game and don’t try to get too much too quickly. It is very important to remember no job is above you in politics. I learned more making phone calls and knocking on doors all throughout high school than almost anything else. Those types of experiences really teach you a lot about how people view politics and how campaigns work.”

What are your passions outside of the political realm?

“I love college football. However my deepest passion is being an entrepreneur, which relates to Turning Point USA. I consider this no different than a startup business, it is my passion!”

In a position such as yours, it’s important not only to be a role model, but also to have role models. Is there anyone in particular who inspires you or that you look up to?

“Yes I really look up to Governor Bruce Rauner and Governor Scott Walker. Two Midwest governors who have gone through hell to try and save their state. I really look up to both of those amazing leaders.”

What is one thing you would like our readers to know about TPUSA?

“I would love them to know we are growing and that this is just the beginning. Thankfully we are blessed to have the best team in politics, and thanks to our leadership team’s hard work and commitment to growing our organization, I can honestly say this is just the beginning.”

And finally….. Does big government suck?

“Yes. Yes it does :)”

For Liberty,

Stephanie F
FFL Cabinet Member