Marco Rubio was born in 1971 to two Cuban immigrant parents. His father was a bartender and his mother was a housekeeper. Now, even though he’s a presidential nominee, he’s extremely humble. He had student loans up until a few years ago and he still has a mortgage, which is rare for a politician.

Rubio is unlike other politicians in other ways as well.  For example, he loves rap and hip hop music. He embraces pop culture, and even references hip hop lyrics in some of his political speeches. He’s also able to laugh at himself, like when that sip of water back in 2013 went viral and he became a household name. He responded to the jokes by saying “God has a funny way of reminding us that we’re human.” He even turned the water bottle into a marketing technique by selling Rubio water bottles. So basically, he’s very down-to-earth and relatable which is why millennials love him.

In honor of Marco Rubio winning FFL’s first weekly straw poll, it is only appropriate to highlight him as this month’s #MCM. You earned it, Marco!

Stephanie F
FFL Cabinet Member