There are few actors in Hollywood who have had successful careers like Tim Allen. From Home Improvement and Toy Story in the 90s all the way to his most recent show Last Man Standing he has made America laugh for decades.

Tim’s political affiliation has been up in the air since his new show aired in 2011. In Last Man Standing, he plays Mike Baxter – a gun-toting, Obama hatin’, right wing conservative. This has made people wonder if Allen is anything like his character. This September, Sean Hannity sat down with Allen and got down to the bottom of it. He admitted that there’s a lot of himself in Mike, and that he is “what they call a fiscal conservative.”

Allen has been talking a lot about this upcoming election in interviews. He expressed his support Republican candidate John Kasich back in August. He also said “It will be horrible personally if Hillary continued [to lead the Democrats], but it will be great for the storyline if she continues.” They plan on bashing Clinton as much as possible during this season of Last Man Standing.

It’s very rare that a television show has a conservative spin to it. It’s even rarer that the main character is an outspoken conservative. It’s also surprising that anyone in Hollywood would be willing to play such a conservative character in a liberal dominated industry. In a world filled with shows pushing a liberal agenda, Tim Allen is helping us have a breath of fresh air with Last Man Standing. It’s refreshing to sit down and watch a show that we conservatives can relate to. Thanks to November’s #MCM, we can actually watch a television show during this election season without rolling our eyes!

Stephanie F
FFL Cabinet Member