Monday, July 18th saw not only the first day of the Republican National Convention but also the release of the latest book by Dinesh D’Souza, Hillary’s America. If the idea of anything in America belonging to Hillary terrifies you, then this book is for you. D’Souza is known for being an outspoken Republican, and this is his first book since serving time in a federal confinement center for breaking FEC laws, so you can be sure that he came out swinging.

D’Souza’s books are for conservatives and conservatives alone, and I hate to say that, but it isn’t going to change with a book like this. It’s no secret that D’Souza is not a fan of Hillary, and while I’m not exactly a fan myself, you aren’t going to attract moderates with a book cover that makes her look like Kim Jung-Un. It’s an interesting cover, I’ll give him that. But it is very clear that it is anti-Hillary and the people we need reading books like this aren’t going to pick up a book so clearly biased.

Frankly, I’m a little disappointed that this book focused so much on tying the crimes of the Democratic Party to Hillary Clinton directly when the sordid history itself is enough to make anyone question their party alliance. The basic premise of this book is stellar. It looks through the entire history of the Democratic Party and shows its crimes and follies, especially those that the Democratic Party would love to hide under a rug.

Some of these crimes are well-known, like that Thomas Franklin was fornicating with his slaves and had children with one of them, Sally Hemmings. It is also relatively well know that Andrew Jackson, founder of the Democratic Party, was a horrible person, so much so that he was only one vote away from being kicked out of office after his impeachment. D’Souza does a great job of exploring the land theft behind Jackson’s rise to power, but in the span of that chapter on Andrew Jackson he also ties in the Clinton Foundation’s weird and probably illegal dealings in Haiti, and while I can see the connection, he doesn’t do the best job of connecting the dots while he jumps back and forth between them.

Another chapter I found particularly interesting was the one on Bill Clinton’s past dalliances and frankly, the women he has raped, harassed, and assaulted. For some people, especially our parents and grandparents, the fact that Bill Clinton is a predator is a fact universally acknowledged, accepted, and cataloged in the back of their minds. However, there is a whole new generation of voters that have no idea about Bill Clinton’s history besides pop culture references to Monica Lewinsky. There are so many victims though, and this chapter is necessary for all those millennial voters who need the facts about the women Bill has hurt and Hillary has attacked and overlooked. However, this chapter takes an odd turn when D’Souza wildly speculates that not only was Hillary aware of Bill’s actions, which no one doubts, but that she was his enabler and knew from the very beginning of their relationship, in the hallowed halls of Yale Law School, that Bill was a “sex addict” and she married him because he was her pitch man and would make her more likeable. While it could be true, I find it hard to accept as absolute fact something that has never been confirmed anywhere and sounds like a conspiracy theory cooked up by someone way more into the Clinton’s sex life than any sane person should be. Yes, it is important to note that Bill Clinton is a sexual predator and that his wife, who claims she is an advocate for women, protected him and attacked his victims. However, we don’t win voters over by giving them speculation masquerading as the gospel.

D’Souza’s book, unfortunately, is not going to be a book that moderate voters pick up in hopes of deciding on a candidate. While the history within the book is extremely valid and necessary to keep in mind whenever we vote, D’Souza alienates many by choosing Hillary as the reference point for all the historical scenarios. I understand that Saul Alinsky was Hillary’s mentor, and therefore it makes sense to connect them with his admiration for the Al Capone gang in Chicago. However, connecting Hillary Clinton’s foundation’s “building” or rather not building of schools in Haiti to stealing lands from Indians is a bit of a stretch and isn’t going to sell the ship to anyone that isn’t already against Hillary. D’Souza’s books are great conduits for people to learn about different facets of American history and politics, but they aren’t books that are going to ever be picked up by moderates or liberals perusing a bookstore, and that’s unfortunate, because those are the people that need these books the most.

At the end of the day, Hillary’s America is a fascinating book for conservatives looking to beef up their arguments about the criminal and racist history of the Democratic Party that the modern liberals would love to deny. The Ku Klux Klan was founded by a Democrat, and we need more people to realize that before they start saying that the GOP has been racist since day one. If you’re looking for a way to learn more about the sordid history of the Democratic Party without their illogical insistence that they suddenly changed in the 20th century, look no further. D’Souza is a celebrated conservative author for a reason, and I am certainly excited to see the documentary accompanying this book.

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Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member