Following every mass shooting, liberals grow increasingly more hostile toward Second Amendment Rights. In their eyes, guns, not people, are the problem. The left often blames conservatives for being insensitive to the pain and suffering of victims because of their ardent support of gun ownership. After the recent, horrific shooting in Parkland, Florida, thousands of teens marched on their schools, demanding an end to gun violence. VICE sent out a tweet concerned that gun rights activists wanted guns in the arms of women. Oh, the horror. 

Leftists and the media have an answer: ban guns completely. Unfortunately, this solution is unrealistic. Perhaps America needs gun reform. But, a better solution would be more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens, especially women. Gun rights are women’s rights, as explained by Katie Pavlich in this Prager University video.

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Feminists claim to empower women, but continue to advocate for fewer gun ownership rights. Ironically, however, guns empower women because they equalize the sexes. While controversial today among many feminists, science has shown that men are stronger than women and have greater muscle mass. Should a woman ever need to defend herself against an attack by a man, guns are on her side, as physically, she is likely at a disadvantage. Avid gun rights supporter, John R. Lott, has conducted research and concluded that “a woman who behaves passively is 2.5 times as likely to end up being seriously injured as a woman who has a gun.” Although a woman might rarely need to use the gun, it empowers her, making her safer and prepared. Guns really do serve as the great equalizer between the sexes, yet unfortunately, many deny this.

Guns make it easier for women to defend themselves. Pavlich tells the story of Catherine Latta, whose ex-boyfriend assaulted and raped her. Latta, wanting to protect herself, purchased a handgun, which proved life-saving when her ex attacked her outside her home—she shot him, saving herself. What if Latta had not purchased the handgun? While we will never know how the situation may have unfolded, the gun saved Latta’s life. Guns can do the same for thousands more women. One in six women will be a victim of an attempted or completed rape. As tragic as this statistic is, guns provide hope that this number can go down. While guns will not necessarily address the root of the problem, they can and they will prevent and protect more women from being assaulted and raped.

Guns have played an integral role in American history, ever since the first colonists arrived. They helped the colonists win the Revolutionary War. Guns have protected millions of people from being killed. And, guns are not going away anytime soon. Unfortunately, neither is violence. Thankfully, with Second Amendment rights, Americans can carry and protect themselves—and those around them—with guns. This includes women. Feminists, liberals, conservatives, Democrats, and Republicans should rally around this issue and empower women by promoting gun ownership. Carrying a gun empowers women, by keeping them safe and confident, knowing they can defend themselves and their loved ones.

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Katya P
Katya Pledger is a high school student who is thankful to be an American and is passionate about the Constitution, conservatism, and capitalism.

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