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While protesters lined the streets of downtown Cleveland in opposition to Donald Trump, protests sparked within Quicken Loans Arena as well. On Monday, July 18th, the first day of the GOP Convention, anti-Trump delegates made their voices known amongst the abundance of Trump hype.

At the beginning of the afternoon session, the delegates of the GOP Convention were set to vote on a rules package that would solidify the regulations for the remainder of the week. Rep. Steve Womack took the stage to conduct a voice vote to decide if the rules package would be approved. After an indecisive vote, Womack walked off the stage, surprising many delegates and top party officials alike. Womack then returned to the stage to hold another voice vote. At the conclusion of another close call, Womack declared the ‘ayes’ had won, causing even more chaos on in the Quicken Loans Arena. Pro-Trump delegates chanted their support for the presumptive Republican nominee, while anti-Trump delegates felt as if their voices were being drowned out by party officials.

After the second voice vote, delegates from the Iowa and Colorado delegations walked off the GOP Convention floor in frustration. Utah Senator Mike Lee has led the opposition to this controversial vote, speaking out against the adoption of the rules package. “There were a number of things in this set of rules that the delegates did not like,” Sen. Lee told CNN’s Dana Bash. Lee is also calling for a roll call vote (which differs than a voice vote, because each delegate will record a vote) to ensure a decisive and accurate ruling.

With no news of a roll call vote becoming a reality at this time, it looks as if Donald Trump has secured the Republican nomination with the passage of the rules package. Anti-Trump delegates are continuing their protest and we wait with anticipation as the GOP Convention continues this evening.

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