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Conservative sweetheart and all around leading lady Nikki Haley has resigned as US Ambassador to the United Nations. The former Governor of South Carolina has been in the role since Trump took office in January 2017 and recently wrapped up the UN General Assembly Meeting and her time as Security Council President. Everyone is absolutely shocked by this announcement, obviously, and no one saw it coming, but let’s break down what we know so far.

According to sources, Haley and Trump discussed her leaving her position earlier this year, but she will stay on through the end of 2018. She said she needed a “break” after serving as governor for six years and UN ambassador for two. The resignation was kept under wraps, and Haley only told her staff on the morning the news break. She then joined Trump for a press conference in the Oval Office.

“She’s done an incredible job. She’s a fantastic person,” Trump said in his remarks. “We’re all happy for you in one way, but we’re sad to lose you. Maybe you’ll be coming back in some capacity…you can have your pick.” He said, setting hearts a flutter with hope. “You’ve done a fantastic job and I want to thank you very much,” he concluded.

Nikki Haley said the position has been “an honor of a lifetime. I’m such a lucky girl…to serve a country I love so very much.” She talked about her two successful years at the UN in cutting budgets, fighting back against the use of chemical weapons, and working towards denuclearizing North Korea. She also praised Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump and said they do “a lot of things behind the scene” that she wished people “knew about.”

“Now, I don’t have anything set on where I’m going to go,” she said, squelching presidential rumblings. “I’m a believer in term limits. You have to be selfless enough to step aside and let someone else do the job. I’m not running for president in 2020,” she said during the press conference. She announced she will support President Trump in 2020.

“I will never truly step aside from fighting for our country,” she said while answering questions.

Many of the oustings from the Trump administration have been tied to disagreements with the President himself and inability to communicate it, but Nikki Haley put that theory to rest when she spoke out after the anonymous New York Times op-ed. “I don’t agree with the president on everything,” she said at the time. “When there is disagreement, there is a right way and a wrong way to address it. I pick up the phone and call him or meet with him in person.”

A replacement for Haley has not been announced yet, but Trump says there are many individuals who are interested and it will likely be announced with two or three weeks. Nikki Haley leaves her position with an approval rating of 84% of Republicans, 55% of Democrats, and 63% of moderates.

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