Throughout our childhoods and into adulthood, we are told that our relationships with people are some of the most important things we could foster and build throughout our lives. So, we constantly put pressure on ourselves to make and fix these bonds as we grow. When we meet someone that just does not like us, no matter how hard we try, it shocks us. Some people immediately rush to try and figure out what they can do to make this one person see them differently, while others shut down thinking there’s something wrong with them. The truth, that a lot of people fail to teach us and help us work through, is that some people are never going to like you… and that’s okay.

Friendship is good, solidarity in who you are is incredible, but do not sacrifice yourself on the altar of someone else’s opinion. This is true especially as Conservative women in politics.

We are changing the narrative for women and pushing back on ideologies that shake other women and the Left up sometimes. People you once were close with are going to say hurtful things to you. They are going to make you feel less than based on opinions and facts you hold close to you. However, nothing ever changes in this world without a little push-back. Some of our greatest heroes and icons are people that we spend time defending to friends and family. There is not a single person walking this Earth, past or present, that was adored by everyone they encountered. Stand up for what you believe in and let yourself be unapologetically who you are. No friend, guy, or person out there is worth giving up parts of yourself to please.

It is certainly something that takes time and patience to learn and be okay with, but the faster you learn that who you are as a person is not the sum of who likes you, the better. As your own person, you have to live with yourself twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  The person that may not like you spends a fraction of their time around you. Don’t tailor who you are to fit their opinions of what you should be.

You wake up to yourself and you fall asleep to yourself. Focus on becoming someone that you genuinely love and enjoy being around. Put energy into relationships that lift that version of you up. The right relationships will find you and foster you. Those relationships will be much healthier and bring you greater joy knowing that they love and accept you in your entirety.

It is okay to not be liked and accepted by everyone, but it should be standard that you like and accept yourself.

Danielle E