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As an ardent conservative and outspoken pro-lifer, I have become absolutely exhausted by the left and pro-choice activists accusing me, and my party, of being “just pro-birth.” Let’s set the record straight then. When I say life, I mean life at every stage, in and out of the womb.

Being pro-life is more about than fighting for the right of every child to be born. Being pro-life is about fighting for a world in which every child, no matter the circumstances of their birth, has a chance at a successful life.  Whether a child was born to two loving parents or two addicts who couldn’t care less, that child can have a bright future.

The common argument abortion activists make is that a child born to a mother who otherwise would have aborted, if given the chance, will be more likely to live a rough life and face abuse, drug addiction, poverty, et cetera. But I’d like to call their bluff right here and now. Is the potential for abuse, addiction, or poverty a reason to end your life? Would you dare tell someone who has been abused, is addicted, or is poor that their life is worth less? That they should just kill themselves? No, of course not.

Many people struggle in life, but you would never dare tell someone outside of the womb that their life is not worth living because of certain problems or issues they face. So why do we say that about babies that haven’t even been born yet? Why do we assign a future of abuse and poverty to children who are still safe inside of their mother?

Being pro-life is more than just advocating against the horrors of abortion. The Left has a point when they say that it is not enough to make sure a child lives to see the light of day. As conservatives and pro-life activists, we have to make sure that the world every child comes into is full of possibilities for that child, no matter their circumstances. Whether a child is born to the poorest of the poor or the richest of the rich, they should have the chance to be whomever they please. The Left is tired of society telling gays, women, transgenders, blacks, etc how to live their lives, so why are they so devoted to pigeon-holing unborn babies into a life of poverty?

As a conservative, I advocate for a free market society, limited government, free speech, freedom of religion, and individualism. We live in the greatest country on Earth, and every single child born here, if allowed to live a life based on conservative principles, will have the chance to prosper. The United States is not a country that determines the worth of your life the moment you are born, so abortion activists need to stop determining worth before birth.

Let’s get this straight. I’m not just “pro-birth.” I am pro-life, and being pro-life means that I think every child deserves the chance to live. Being pro-life means that I think every child, no matter their circumstances, can achieve greatness. Being pro-life is about being optimistic, not pessimistic. Being pro-life is about hoping for the best and deciding that just because the worst might come around, you don’t deserve to die for it.  I am pro-life because I believe that every child has the right to have a good, you guessed it, life. If I was only pro-birth, I’d be a liberal, because liberal policies are what have doomed so many children to lives of poverty and addiction. Instead, I’m pro-life because I am a conservative and I know that everyone has the potential for greatness if the government gets out of their way.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member