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After an intense back and forth between President Donald Trump and Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, the State of the Union is back on. After being cancelled/postponed during the government shutdown, Trump will finally address the nation on Tuesday February 5, 2019 from the floor of the House.

Here at FFL, we like to make politics fun, and we love to make exercise and/or drinking games for these major showings that have a little humor and are sure to have you feeling the burn. As you tune in to watch Trump discuss the recent government shutdown and where the U.S. is going in the next year, play along with our exercise or drinking game.

1) Every time Trump says SHUTDOWN: 10 crunches OR 1 sip 

Since the delay of the SOTU was because of the shutdown and the blame game is still being played, you can bet you’ll be doing crunches or taking sips.

2) If Nancy Pelosi rolls her eyes or makes a face behind Trump: 60 second wall-fit OR 2 sips

Please, let this happen. I would love the showdown about this afterwards.

3) Every time Trump says HUGE/YUGE: 10 jumping jacks OR 1 sip 

It’s his classic phrase, you know he has to incorporate it

4) Make America Great Again: 30 second elbow-to-knee OR 1 sip 

How could he not include it?

5) When they show the Supreme Court Justices: 30 second V-sit OR 1 sip 

Will RBG be there? Will Kavanaugh smile?

6) Anytime a previous president is mentioned: 10 push-ups OR 1 sip

Obama, Reagan, Bush, George Washington himself. Who will he call out?

7) Every time Trump says FAKE NEWS: 30 second plank OR 3 sips

What has the fake news media said about the shutdown? Roger Stone? I’m sure we’ll talk about it.

8) If the Democratic response mentions impeachment/ Mueller investigation: 50 squats OR finish your drink

Last year, Joe Kennedy did the response. This year, what will we hear about?

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member