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Dear old soul,

You may have been told all your life that you are an old soul, mature for your age, the mother of the group, etc. I am right there with you. Growing up, the words “go sit at the kids table” were complete bad words. If you are an old soul, you understand my pain. I remember countless times of sitting with the kids.  I stared at the adult table wishing I could be a part of it. After all, talking about politics, church, work, etc. was much more fun than anything the kids had to say.

I remember growing up and being told, “You’re not like other kids your age. You have such a different outlook on life.” Some days, that was a very big burden to bear.  I was constantly concerned about the bigger picture and how things were working. I wanted to be a part of everything as long as it wasn’t immature or childish. Cartoons or the nightly news? Nightly news, please. After all, as a nine year old, what was happening in the world around us was much more important than what had happened on the playground that day. Life was much different for me than it was for my classmates.

However, this different outlook on life came with quite a few perks that still affect us today. First off, if you’re an old soul like me, you have maturity beyond your years and a strong foundation that keeps you grounded. You understand what is like to look at a situation and see multiple views of the situation. Yes, growing up it was sometimes a struggle when you wanted to solve the world’s problems during recess.  Your friends looked at you like you were crazy, but guess what… you were made that way for a reason.

You were probably the teacher’s pet. Your classmates probably rolled their eyes when you were the first one to have their hand up. This didn’t necessarily mean that you were a straight A student, but at the end of the day you tried your hardest and wanted to learn as much as you could. This helps you now, as a grown person, because you constantly want to learn more. When you find something you love, you go at full force.  You won’t stop until you master the task or job.

Also, I always struggled with the current music, fashion, and trends. If I didn’t like it, then why would I pretend to just to fit in? Yes, I got made fun of for the music I listened to, what I wore, and other things I liked, but honestly I didn’t really care. You probably understand the struggle. Life is hard as an old soul, but this probably helped you create a backbone to where you can say, I like what I like and I don’t have to be a part of the “cool crowd.”

At some points in your life, maybe you just felt awkward and that you didn’t fit in with people your age. I understand, I have been there and done that. I find this a perk now because I can relate to people from 1-day-old to 110 years old. Everyone has a story and an outlook on life and it’s worth taking the time to see the world from their viewpoint. Some of my best friends are 6 years younger than me and 70 years older than me.

At the end of the day, growing up as a old soul isn’t a bad thing. It’s made you who you are, so embrace it.

Also, congratulations, old soul… you have finally made it to the adult table.

Lauren P
FFL Cabinet Member
Lauren is a mid-west girl. She is majoring in public relations and serves as PR manager for her school's College Republicans chapter. You can find Lauren drinking coffee, watching Fox News, spreading the FFL message, or listening to music. She has a desire to travel and explore new places. She has a passion for the conservative movement and hopes to help young women realize that conservatism is empowering.

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