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To my wonderful liberal friend,

I love you to death, but sometimes the things you say really drive me crazy. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that we are even friends. We are such different people with hardly any beliefs in common. I love going to the shooting range, and you don’t support the Second Amendment. I always say whatever is on my mind, you are more reserved and believe that sometimes the things I say are offensive. I don’t support the raising of taxes, and you believe we should have free healthcare and free college tuition. I believe that life begins at conception, and you believe in a woman’s right to choose. I’m a hardcore conservative, you’re a bleeding heart liberal, but, even with all our difference we are somehow really great friends.

Do we argue more than most friends? Absolutely. Sometimes I call you out for advocating big government, and you tell me that I’m insensitive and ridiculous. Most of the time I keep my mouth shut to prevent World War III from breaking out between us. Even though you don’t know it, I roll my eyes frequently at your posts on social media, but I am sure you do the same to me. Occasionally I screenshot your outrageous rants and I laugh about them to my conservative friends. When you post about how you #FeelTheBern, it literally pains me inside. But, when I find a funny Bernie post, I share it with you because you’re my friend and I know it’ll make you smile.

When I don’t bite my tongue, I try my best to engage in friendly debate with you. The debates we share are some of my most cherished conversations between us. I learn so much from you, and I am sure you learn so much from me. You help me strengthen my argument, as I probably help you strengthen yours. I admit, sometimes you bring up a point that I do not have a counter for. When this happens I spend hours on the internet researching to prevent that from happening again.

Thank you for not getting offended when I post about how much I hate liberals, because you know that I don’t mean you (even though you drive me crazy). I appreciate how you ask me how the Republican debate was last night, even though I know you don’t actual care. You know it’ll make me happy to go on a rant about it. Thank you for listening to my rants about government, and laughing at how angry I get. I appreciate the fact that you read my posts, even though you know you’re not going to agree with what I have to say.

I’m so thankful for our friendship, and I wouldn’t trade you for the world. The only way I could love you more was if you were a conservative…. But we know that will not happen.

For Liberty,

Stephanie F
FFL Cabinet Member