Dear Representative Brian Sims (D-PA),

I am a 25 year old woman and pro-life advocate.

I am pro-life because of science.

I am pro-life because of my faith.

I am pro-life because I am pro-woman.

You recently got very angry with pro-lifers for standing outside of a Planned Parenthood so you took it upon yourself to do a few things that, I think, disqualifies you from public service… and I have something to say about it. 

For starters, you filmed high school students and a mother, saying you would pay them $100 for their names and contact information. This should be humiliating for you. Stooping to such lows is beneath the office in which you reside. Also, it’s downright creepy. As a pro-life feminist, I think it’s imperative that we hold both men and women accountable for disturbing actions. You, sir, need to apologize to not only women for your abhorrent behavior, but also the children you involved in your foolish act.

Then you decided to film a single woman who was practicing sidewalk ministry outside of this Planned Parenthood. She stood silent and stayed calm while you shouted obscenities and hurled insults towards her. You mention that pro-lifers are violent and out of control yet here is an elderly woman praying for people going in to have an abortion. She was silently showing her support for expectant mothers while you were bombastic and insulting. You spent approximately 7 minutes harassing an older woman who was clutching her rosary and praying. This behavior is intolerable.

You called pro-life advocates “scum” in a tweet. We aren’t scum, we’re human. We’re just as human as you. We’re just as human as the women who go to Planned Parenthood. We’re just as human as the babies about to be put to death in a room inside of Planned Parenthood. Dehumanizing people simply because you disagree with them does nothing to help your cause.

But you apologized, didn’t you? At least you think you did. The rest of us only heard excuses. No apologies. No remorse. You don’t care how you treated children or women who disagreed with you. You don’t care that you offered money to doxx them. In fact, you used your platform for hate and not good. You demonstrated exactly what pro-life advocates have been going through for a long time. We offer prayers, hope, and help. You, shocked at the audacity of a woman reaching out to help another woman, dehumanized her, harassed her, and threatened her.

Those women and children deserve apologies. Real apologies, not the pathetic video you filmed where you made excuses for yourself and victim-blamed.

You should be ashamed of yourself.


Caroline Craig, 25 (NC)

Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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