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Recently, the left has been complaining that voter ID laws are unconstitutional and racist. Voter ID laws are in place to prevent voter fraud.  They are not meant to discriminate based on race or income. The left is outraged with voter ID laws.  They believe that minorities cannot afford to get a form of identification.  That seems a little ironic because that notion in itself is racist.

The left has been pushing the narrative that our voter ID laws are unconstitutional.  They claim voter ID laws specifically target minorities and deny them the right to vote.  If the left truly cared about voting and this country, getting a photo ID would not seem unreasonable.

The state of North Carolina passed a law that required voters have a photo ID when they go to the voting booth.  The federal court of appeals saw this as discriminatory intent and struck it down. In my opinion, it is discriminatory to think minorities cannot obtain a photo ID. 

Thirty of the fifty states have some form of voter ID laws in place, yet only nine have been considered especially restrictive. Many aspects of our daily lives require photo identification, such as, purchasing alcohol, lottery tickets, plane tickets, and even R rated movies. How is requiring someone to show a photo ID in order to vote discriminatory when all of these other things, apart of our daily life, require it?

Hospitals require ID to prevent insurance fraud.  Why is it discriminatory that we require an ID in order to prevent voter fraud? When people commit voter fraud, it dilutes the strength of those votes that are cast legally, and weakens democracy as a whole. 

Recently in Texas, the state agreed to “soften” their voter ID laws due to a court order. Prior to this decision, Texans had to show at least one of seven possible photo IDs before casting their vote. Now, if they do not have one of the seven possible photo ID options, they must show a bank statement, utility bill, voter registration card, government check, or their birth certificate.

One of the possible photo IDs accepted in Texas is a Texas Personal Identification Card that is issued by DPS and only costs $16. In my opinion, the seven voter ID options was generous, flexible and most, if not all options, were easily attainable.

The hypocrisy of the left is often times laughable. They preach and attack the right about our alleged “racism.” Yet, the left assumes that minorities cannot attain any form of ID. Voter ID laws are in place for a reason, to protect the value of our vote. It stuns me that the left thinks protecting our constitutional right is racist and unconstitutional.

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