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Women only represent 4.6% of Fortune 500 CEO’s. Working in a field where men represent 75% of the industry, I fully understand what it feels like to be the minority, (Not to mention the average age in the industry is 50 and I’m 24.) Instead of playing the minority card, I’ve chosen to use it to my advantage.  Embrace it.  Yes, being part of the minority is difficult, but at what point to we stop playing the victim role and start acting like a leader?

So what does it take over come the minority you ask? 

Find strong role models.

It is important to have strong women in your everyday life, whether it be you mom, aunt sister or neighbor. Who do you aspire to grow up to be? It’s also important to have that “celebrity” role model. Who is that person you see on TV and think, “I want to be her“? Do you look up to her for her determination, philanthropic giving or charisma? Find those qualities in a role model that you aspire to be. 



Believe in yourself

If you don’t believe in yourself, how is anyone else ever going to? You need to wake up everyday believing you can do anything you put your mind to. Every test you take, you have to believe you are going to ace it. Confidence is the key to making people believe in you. Start your day with your morning pep song, find that song that makes you believe you can run the world. Make the background on your phone your favorite motivation quote. Do whatever it takes to surround yourself in confidence.




Stop making excuses

There has to be a point where we stop making excuses and keep pushing forward. Hard working women can have it all, a career, a family and a great circle of friends, we need to start believing it. Write down your goals and your dreams and post it somewhere that you will see it and be reminded everyday.



Join networking groups

There are so many opportunities out there to join a networking group. Be active on campus, in a sorority, within your field of study, alumni groups, church groups or political groups. It’s crucial to surround yourself with supportive women who encourage you to be the best version of yourself. Women are always looking to help each other grow and learn and joining a group is a great place to start.



Don’t get lost in the day to day 

Keep your eye on the big goal. Okay, you didn’t pass your certification test on the first try, or maybe the second, but why should that stop you from running a Fortune 500 company one day, being president of the United States or finding a cure for cancer? We are often too hard on ourselves and do not give ourselves enough credit for how far we have come. Are you really going to let one small thing dictate where you will be in 40 years? NEVER GIVE UP!



Do not get sucked into the media

Stop believing what the media pushes down your throat. You are a woman, you are smart and fully capable of making your own decisions, especially when it comes to politics. There is no such thing as “women’s issues'”, these are everyone’s issues. Women should be voting with their brains, not based off of the sex on their drivers license. Stay educated and make your own decisions.



All in all being part of the minority no matter which aspect you experience it is not a death sentence. Embrace it and let that be the fuel to your fire to chase your dreams. “Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”-Unknown