The New Year is here! And with a new year usually comes a new planner or agenda. Organizing my agenda has become almost like a hobby to me over the last few years. Nothing makes me happier than writing in new appointments, assignments, and parties in my new planner. As the new year (and new semester) arrives, here are some tips to keep your planner in tip-top shape!

Get a Planner That Fits Your Organization Style

Everyone knows that 80% of girls use either the Lilly Pulitzer or Kate Spade Agenda, but don’t feel pressured to these two possibilities! There are unlimited amounts of options when it comes to daily planners so pick the one that speaks to you. For example, if you’re a creative type, the planner doesn’t have lines, so you are free to use the daily space however you see fit. Look around and pick the best planner for how you organize.



At the beginning of every year, I get tons of Sharpie pens in a variety of different colors, and pick a color for a different aspect of my life. Some of your categories might be work, school assignments, essays and exams, church, social life, and organizations. This will allow you to easily focus on one thing at a time, and you won’t be overwhelmed as easily as just looking at a big sheet of black writing.

Utilize the Monthly and Daily View

My first year I used a planner, I completely ignored the monthly view of my planner. Now looking back, I completely regret it! Using the monthly view allows you to see a general overview of your entire month, so you can see in advance your busy weeks, weekends, etc. Same for daily view; a lot of people I know only use their monthly view. Using your daily view allows you to organize your day more deeply than just writing your big assignments and plans.



Add Motivational Quotes

At the beginning of every year I pick my favorite quotes on Pinterest and use a digital template to print them onto post-it notes. Then, I stick them in each week for a weekly motivational quote to keep me going! You could also handwrite them for a bit of weekly inspiration.


Use Post-Its!
I like to include daily to-do lists in my planner, but usually I run out of space on my daily page to put my list. This is when post-it notes become my best friend! I have a variety of sizes for anything you think of, and they’re easy to stick into your day. Look online for cute variety of patterns and sizes.


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