Sunday night, Americans across the country gathered with their friends, adorned in football jerseys, and armed with snacks to watch Super Bowl 50. Whether your team showed up this season or not, there’s always at least two reasons to make your way to the neighbor’s house – good food and the commercials. The Super Bowl ads are insanely popular and there’s ongoing debates over which one is best. This year, SJW and the overly offended took to Twitter to analyze each commercial and decide whether they deemed it politically correct or not.

One of the most popular commercials this year was put out by Doritos. It was not only a big hit at my Super Bowl party, but it exploded on Twitter as well. This ad moves away from the typical cute puppy theme and instead depicts an expecting couple at their ultrasound. If you missed it, you can view it here. To summarize, the father is eating doritos and the child (“fetus”) is moving back and forth on the ultrasound screen, following the location of the Dorito in the father’s hand. When the frustrated mother snatches the Dorito and tosses it across the room, the child launches itself after the Dorito, off the ultrasound screen, we would assume out of the mother, and we see the horrified faces of the doctor and parents. It’s a hilarious commercial that brings humor to the desirability of Doritos, but of course, the overly offended took this to a whole new level.


Pro-choice activists and SJW were quick to trash the ad, deeming it “anti choice” because of the human qualities that the “fetus” exhibits. Newsflash NARAL, it is a human! Anyone who has been pregnant will tell you that little ones that far along move around nonstop in the womb. Babies react to all sorts of stimuli such as their mother’s voice, certain foods, and being poked. To say that this commercial gives a fetus qualities to make it more human like is absolutely absurd. Every full term baby in the womb has the ability to move around and react to its surroundings. NARAL is not offended by Doritos but by science, by the basics of pregnancy.

Logistics aside, it is a commercial. It is meant to be funny and to convince people to buy Doritos. No one was trying to violate your safe space or take away your basic human right to kill your unborn child if you so choose to do so (please note my extreme sarcasm). The political correctness police are so quick to cause a huge fuss and politicize things that were meant to be in good fun. I highly doubt a Super Bowl ad has anyone thinking twice about abortion, but I do think tweets like the one above have people thinking twice about the legitimacy of NARAL. An organization that is triggered by a potato chip commercial is not one that is serious about actual issues. NARAL was clearly searching for a way to be offended and desperately took a stab in the dark. If anything, this makes the pro-choice movement look weak. NARAL may claim that they were calling out ads for the greater good but we’re #NotBuyingIt.