I know you have no political ideology that we can peg.

You of all people know that last year was a mess with me swapping out our shared major for something you detest—politics.

It was only 3 months into our very new friendship, and you stood behind me. When I started thinking about my life, and how I wanted to go into non-profit political work, you encouraged it. You knew I wasn’t happy studying music. You motivated me to make the step into the extremely different world of politics.

You’ve stuck to me like glue through every milestone. You cheered for me when I went to my first conference in Washington, despite your disinterest with the organization. You encouraged me to become an officer of our school’s Young Americans for Freedom executive board, and later helped me scheme my campaign for chairman. You didn’t care that politics wasn’t your jam. You just cared about me.

When I got my first internship, you celebrated with me, despite my leaving you for the summer. You supported me so much, you flew from small town Wisconsin to Washington D.C. That’s some dedication to our friendship.

You might not have cared about the issues I was fighting for, but you cared about me, and I will forever be grateful for that.

You are one of the most important types of friends I have. Sure, I have my conservative friends who I can rant about current events with. They’re wonderful and I cherish those friendships. I have liberal friends who give me the opposition I need to evaluate my beliefs. They help me grow deeper in my understanding of the world.

Then I have you, this self-proclaimed “pizza activist,” who keeps me in check in a different way. You provide a blank slate. I am so grateful for that. You try and keep an open mind to everything. Sure, you’ll let me ramble about my political issues, but you also are the friend that tells me to give it a rest. You make sure my whole life isn’t about politics and government. We political nuts sometimes have the tendency to get carried away, and you help me corral that.

Thank you for your mind and your dedication to our friendship. You never let it break, which is no easy feat, as I have grown into such a different person from the time of our meeting.

Thank you for teasing me about my Ben Shapiro obsession. Thank you for hating on Hillary Clinton with me – the one political thing you do have an opinion on.

Thank you for being the person who draws me out of the black hole that is politics.  

Thank you for supporting my career. You believe that I will make a difference for people. I know that when you’re a music teacher, you’re going to do the exact same thing.

All my love,

Your very political best friend

Abby S