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If you’ve never watched a PragerU video, today is the day. PragerU, more formally known as Prager University, is a nonprofit organization with a dream to change the world in just 5 minutes through creating compelling 5 minute videos designed to explain complex topics to the average person. Their videos cover a wide range of topics, from politics to religion and everything in between. They become exceedingly popular every day. To date, PragerU’s 250+ videos have reached over 1 billion, yes, billion, views online. 70% of viewers have reported changing their mind on at least one issue after watching a PragerU video. 60% of all viewers are under the age of 35.

The statistical success alone is baffling, but what really makes PragerU special is it’s team of over 1,300 student ambassadors behind the screen. A team known as PragerFORCE. Each week, these students are tasked with the role of sharing PragerU videos on all platforms of social media, in their classrooms, or with other organizations like Turning Point USA or College Republicans. These students cover a diverse range of backgrounds. From high school to graduate school, they represent every continent (except Antarctica), and a multitude of career paths.

PragerFORCE members also connect with one another on a daily basis to host discussion and civil dialogue about political ideas. Ben Dierker, a law student involved with PragerFORCE, says that he believes there is more dialogue between the diversely opinionated PragerFORCE members than there is in most college classrooms. According to Ben, “The left is preoccupied talking about people, and the right is talking about ideas. I think this group is a true microcosm of the conservative world in that we engage intellectually but tolerantly, with great diversity, and for the purpose of bettering ourselves and society.”

Often, PragerFORCE members truly exceed expectations by sharing PragerU videos in truly unconventional ways. Just this year, PragerFORCE member Ashley Mayer, a sophomore at the University of Colorado, Boulder, successfully shared a PragerU video dismantling the idea of a “gender wage gap” in her women’s studies course. She shared the video to hundreds of students who had never been presented with this alternate argument. Not only did she generate a productive conversation about the topic in her classroom, she changed a few minds as well.

PragerFORCE is more than just a group of people. It’s a digital army, passionate about having real conversations with real people to truly change minds to return to the roots of our great nation. It’s a boots-on-the-ground and a boots-on-the-web movement of students making a lasting difference in our nation. Where do you come in? Start by using the next 5 minutes to learn something new. You may be surprised at what you find.

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Interested in joining PragerFORCE? Text “PragerFORCE” to 64600 to learn more!

Isabel B
Isabel is a Cabinet Member from the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado and is a proud CSU Ram. Next fall, Isabel will be attending Georgetown University to pursue her master's degree. She dreams of one day serving as the US President. She loves all things small government and second amendment, and is also a Turning Point USA Campus Coordinator and a proud member of PragerFORCE.