Whether you love her or you hate her, everyone knows Taylor Swift. She has a song perfect for almost every occasion…and now presidential candidates.

Rand Paul – “Speak Now”

Rand Paul is known for standing up to the government when he believes that they are out of line. He’s done it before, and he’s not afraid to stand up and Speak Now on behalf of the American citizens.

Carly Fiorina – “Style”

 Carly Fiorina is beautiful, elegant, and a role model. She is making waves in the presidential race, and we believe that, like Carly, women running for POTUS will never go out of “Style”.


Jeb Bush – “Everything Has Changed”

Though Jeb Bush is the son and brother of two United States Presidents, he doesn’t necessarily share the exact same stance on the issues. He might come from a Presidential blood line, but Everything Has Changed”.


Donald Trump – “Welcome To New York”

Welcome To New York because New York real estate mogul Donald Trump has entered the race and means serious business.


Ted Cruz – “Fearless”

Ted Cruz is Fearless because he sticks to his convictions regardless of what people might say… something that is not the norm in Washington.


Ben Carson – “Long Live”

Ben Carson’s slogan is Heal, Inspire, Revive. As a man who has gained much support and has so much to offer our country, we hope his political dreamsLong Live”.


Marco Rubio – “Haunted

The left feel so threatened by Rubio, they feel the need to make him and his wife haunted of their driving record and ticket history.  Since that is absolutely a DEAL BREAKER for a presidential candidate.  Sarcasm.


Rick Santorum – “Begin Again”


Rick Santorum is giving another run for the Republican nominee spot after bowing out to Romney in 2012.  On an afternoon on May 27th, we watched it Begin Again


George Pataki – “A Place In This World”


 With such a crowded field of Republican candidates, everyone has to find their strong voice to have a chance of breaking out of the pack.  Pataki is just trying to find A Place In This World… or atleast in the Republican field.


Hillary Clinton – “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

Remember that lying, no-good ex you knew you didn’t need to get back together with, but time and time again you thought they had changed? Enter Hillary Clinton. We’re listening to the facts now, Hillary, and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” with you…like, ever.


Bernie Sanders – “I Knew You Were Trouble”

I Knew You Were Trouble” when you said you were a Socialist, Bernie. Socialism hasn’t really worked out in the past, now has it? But, at least you’re honest about it, right???