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On Friday, a panel titled “Armed and Fabulous: The New Normal” graced the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) stage. Moderated by editor, Katie Pavlich, the panel featured fellow Second Amendment advocates Antonia Okafor, Kimberly Corban, Kristi McMains and Ashlee Lundvall. The panel demonstrated that there is a diverse range of strong females who care about their natural right to self-defense and will vocally fight for it.

Katie Pavlich is a well-known and respected Second Amendment advocate. She stands firm in her beliefs. Katie will constructively debate anyone who tries to deny that the right to carry a firearm exists. During the panel, Pavlich gave the audience some great news by stating that “the fastest growing demographic of gun owners in this country is women.” This is backed up by the data given in this recent NRA blog post. Even the New York Times admits that women are becoming increasingly interested in owning firearms.

The panelists also challenged modern-day feminism by pointing out that a woman’s Second Amendment rights make her safer, stronger and more self-reliant. Antonia Okafor summed it up best by stating, “How much more feminist can you get than protecting yourself?” As an African-American woman, Okafor is excited that she is able to be a role model for other minority women throughout America, “I’m proud to bring the fact that I’m not the typical gun owner and to show that that’s where the future is headed.”

Kimberly Corban, a rape survivor and fierce defender of the Second Amendment, shares her incredible story with people across the nation. On the panel, she directly addressed the misconception that many people have about firearms, stating “If you remove that fear and replace it with education of firearms, it will help create a better community in general.” Corban continued, “I’m a big fan of safe spaces. I create them everywhere I go when I carry concealed.” By taking her tragic experience and using it to speak up for a woman’s fundamental right to carry a firearm, she exemplifies bravery and courage on a daily basis.

The Second Amendment saves lives, and Kristi McMains is a perfect testament to that. McMains was almost stabbed to death before she shot her attacker. If she was not actively exercising her Second Amendment right, she would likely not be here today. Her story is powerful and puts the importance of a woman’s right to carry into perspective. “We need to let women know that it’s okay, it’s prudent, it’s legal, it’s moral to carry a gun,” McMains noted on the CPAC stage.

The right to own a gun is not strictly for self-defense. As an avid outdoorswoman, Ashlee Lundvall refuses to give up her right to own a firearm. Lundvall’s bio states that she “was an active teenager and four-sport athlete when she was injured in a ranching accident in 1999 while attending a youth camp in Wyoming.” This injury caused her to be confined to a wheelchair. Her reliance on a wheelchair does not stop her from living an active lifestyle, though. As previously stated, she loves the outdoors and a large part of that is hunting. Lundvall stated on the “Armed and Fabulous” panel that “Hunters are the single largest group of conservationists in the world” and expressed her excitement to see more women becoming involved.

This panel validated that there are so many women who refuse to be victims and refuse to give up their Constitutional right to bear arms. It is crucial that the media and anti-gun activists alike understand that women are fully capable of exercising their Second Amendment rights. In a world where women are constantly being victimized, the ability to responsibly carry a firearm is extremely empowering and necessary and these women prove it every single day.

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