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With the start of the fall semester comes a fresh wave of new internships and jobs. One of the worst things about working, though, is when you’ve already done everything you can do. Maybe you’re waiting on an email before you can move forward with a project. Perhaps there’s just too many interns and not enough work. Regardless, you want to stay busy to make a good impression. Here’s a list of productive things to do when you have no more work to do.

1) Make a to-do list

First, write down your to-do list. Make sure there’s absolutely nothing you can work on now. If there is, get it done!

2) Check with a supervisor

Your supervisors will appreciate your initiative in asking for work instead of playing on your phone. Even if they don’t have anything else for you to do, they’ll be impressed with your willingness.

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3) Read relevant articles

Once you’re positive you don’t have any work to do, read some relevant articles. Find a website or magazine that covers your industry and catch up on the news and trends. Even reading Wikipedia pages about relevant companies and figures will help expand your knowledge and kill some time.

4) Clean your computer desktop

There’s something so refreshing about having a clean desktop. Papers, homework and downloads can quickly clutter your home screen. Organize everything into its proper folder and give yourself some peace of mind. The same theory can apply to your Google Drive as well.

5) Update your email footer

One of the most important aspects of an email is your footer. A professional footer will provide all the necessary information someone may need to contact you. Start with your name, then your title, then the company, and end with your phone and email. It also looks best if each piece of information is on a new line. For instance, mine would read: Tori Garrett, Contributor, Future Female Leader, (xxx) xxx-xxxx.

6) Schedule the upcoming month

If you live your life according to your planner, make sure every event, project and deadline you know about is scheduled. You’ll thank yourself later.

7) Clean out your email inbox

Save yourself the headache and unsubscribe from any email newsletters that are not benefiting you. Check out UnrollMe to unsubscribe from multiple email lists at once! It’s completely free and will prevent you from using that 10% coupon from that one store you never buy anything from.

8) Utilize LinkedIn

If you don’t already have a LinkedIn account, make one! If you do have one, make sure all the information is up to date. Add recent contacts you have made in the last few weeks and send them a personal note, rather than the standard message. Be sure to delete old and irrelevant information. Some people are tempted to keep every job they’ve ever had on their LinkedIn, but that can make it overcrowded. If you’re a marketing graduate and have several relevant internships, you probably do not still need that McDonald’s job from high school clogging your professional LinkedIn.

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