There is no denying that a relationship can be difficult. It is even harder, though, when you constantly question how genuine it is. If you ask yourself these 6 questions, it might be time to let go of your relationship and move on.

1. “Why does he not care about what I care about?”

Relationships are both give and take. Girls and boys are wired differently, however we can still relate on common interests. Relationships are about being selfless and caring about what the other person cares about. Sometimes that can be hard, because it’s human nature to think about yourself and what makes you happy. Being in a relationship, though, means caring about and taking interest in the other person. Your significant other should want to delve into the things that make you happy, as well as what makes him happy. Therefore, if he doesn’t care about what you care about and looks down upon you for what you are passionate about, then you have some questioning to do.

2. “Does he love me or does he just love the idea of me?”

Does he love you for the right reasons or does he just love the idea of having you as a companion? Is he in this relationship because he wants you or does he just like having you around when he gets lonely? There’s a difference between actually wanting to be around your significant other and simply not wanting to wake up alone. Are you someone he can’t live without or are you someone that can be replaced by another cuddle buddy? You might have had the right intentions staying with him, because you saw the potential of what he could become. However, he’s pushed you to the point of feeling worthless; feeling like whatever you do is not good enough. If that’s how he makes you feel then break up with him immediately. Life is full of choices and full of time to love. Why waste your time and energy giving your heart up to someone who never gives you his heart in return?

3. “Do I really see myself marrying him?”

Going shopping is a process for girls. The most important unsaid rule is, “if you don’t love it, don’t buy it!” Same rule goes for the boys you date. If you ever question if he’s the one or doubt whether or not he’s the right fit for you, then there’s a silent alarm going off in your head that you should listen to. We all question whether or not we’re going to marry a boy we’re dating, but if you’re constantly questioning whether this is going somewhere or not; it most likely won’t.

4. “Why don’t my parents like him?”

There’s always those overprotective parents that want to meet your date before you drive away to dinner or to the movies with him. Whether you care to listen to them or not, most parents like to give you their opinion on the guys you date. More often than not, you don’t want our parents input. Sometimes your parents have great advice for you, though, because they’ve been in your shoes before. Your parents love you and want the best for you, including the guys you choose to date. If your parent don’t like the guy you’re with, that’s a red flag. Parents have this sixth sense that you won’t or can’t comprehend until you have your own children. Parents know when something is off, and you might not see it at first, but will eventually understand.

5. “Am I the only one?”

When you feel like you’re not loved enough, you start to question everything. This means wanting to take his phone “to take pictures” (when you know that you’re searching for something or someone that shouldn’t be in his phone….STOP THAT!). It means asking mutual friends if they’ve noticed any suspicious behavior. It means going on social media to see if he liked any other girls’ pictures. It means you do not trust him, but this is not letting you be your best self. You want to believe that there is no other girl and that you’re the only one for him, but his behavior and lack of communication has led you to believe otherwise. It might be difficult, but think really hard about staying with someone you do not trust.

6. “Am I even worth his time?”

Girls, your self worth is tremendously important. We all want to be loved, be told we’re beautiful, and be admired all at the same time. The right guy will be a great fit and you won’t have to question it. Of course you’ll have hiccups in your relationship; that’s normal. However, you won’t constantly question whether you’re good enough for him or ask why he hasn’t told you that you’re everything he could ever ask for. If he’s the one, it’ll come out naturally, and you won’t ever have these doubts about your self worth, because it’s precious and sacred.

Kaitlin O