Image Credits: ABC

Hillary Clinton announced her presidency in late April and since then has answered VERY few questions.  Why, you ask?  That is a wonderful question. Is she afraid that she will be asked questions she doesn’t know the answer to? Is she afraid that these questions will bring up one of the myriad of scandals related to her? Does Hillary really think she is making herself a viable candidate by dodging questions like they are the plague?  If Hillary wants to even be considered as a serious candidate, she at least needs to answer the following questions, and answer them honestly.

1. Why did you delete ALL of your emails from your PRIVATE server?

2. Better yet, why did you have a private server? Was the State Department serve not secure enough for you?

3. If you have such a hard time managing two email accounts, how can we trust you to manage a country?

4. How did your foundation taking money from foreign nations, such as Saudi Arabia, affect your work as Secretary of State?

5. Actually, why did your foundation accept ANY money from ANY foreign nation while you were serving as Secretary of State?

6. If you were to become president, would the Clinton Foundation cease to accept donations from foreign nations?

7. When did you know that Benghazi was a terror attack, and why are you so reluctant to make that known?

9. What will be your plan of attack to combat terrorism, at home and abroad?

10. How will you be DIFFERENT from Obama?

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member