Feminism is defined as the theory of political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. Sadly, the actions of some radical American feminists do not match up with the definition of feminism. Third wave feminists claim to care about the equality of both genders yet fail to address the issues where men are disproportionately affected. They are too busy tweeting about how they want to “smash the patriarchy.”

Rather than fighting for social equality, many radical feminists are fighting for preferential treatment and double standards.

1) Radical modern feminists believe that it is sexist for men to be paid more than women… even though the term “full time” can vary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, men working full-time spend significantly more time at work than women working full-time. The “wage gap” also does not consider other factors such as work ethic or experience. Asking the government to ensure that a woman is paid the same as a man who works harder than her and spends more time at work is not a asking for equality, it is asking for special treatment.

2) Many radical feminists are usually outspoken when it comes to sexual assault; however, after the mass sexual assaults on women in Cologne, Germany, feminists were silent. Since the many of the attackers were Middle Eastern male migrants, it is safe to guess that feminists chose to stay silent in fear of spreading Islamophobia. However, we all know that if the attackers were a group of white fraternity members, feminists would have been outraged.

3) Many modern-day feminists support overturning the Hyde Amendment, which would force taxpayers to pay for abortions…not just in cases of rape, incest, or harm to the mother, but in all cases of pregnancy.  I thought feminists say that the government should stay out of their uterus?

4) A good number of radical feminists complain about the lack of female CEOs and politicians. Yet, instead of working hard to get there, women are not choosing STEM fields. Sorry rad fems, but you do not have the right to complain about the lack of women in certain occupations if you choose to do nothing about it. If we truly want more female CEOs and politicians, we should encourage women to study in science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics.

5) Many feminists believe that companies should take action to increase the amount of female faculty members, especially in areas like the STEM field. To do this, companies would have to hire more women over men, even if the female applicants were less qualified than male applicants. In other words, feminists think we should discriminate against men in the name of “equality.”

6) Third wave feminists think it is sexist for female politicians to be criticized for their looks; however, some feminists have no problem making fun of the looks of male politicians, such as Donald Trump for his hair. According to many modern radical feminists, it is perfectly fine to criticize a male on his appearance, but to criticize a female’s appearance? Sexist.

7) Many radical feminists want to end the sexualization of women in the media. However, they have no problem with the objectification of men. Modern-day feminists praised the movie, Magic Mike for having “feministic themes.” Yet, the entire movie painted men as objects. In other words, many radical feminists believe that it is okay to objectify men but horribly wrong to objectify women. Equality? I don’t think so.

8) If most radical feminists actually wanted gender equality, they wouldn’t be so silent on the sentencing gap. When comparing men and women who committed the same crime, studies show that men receive 63% longer sentences. In addition, women are twice as likely to avoid incarceration. So if you ever find yourself in court, being a women will put you at a huge advantage. How’s that for male privilege?