While liberals think we are stuck in the past, us conservative women are defying all stereotypes. We are pursuing successful careers fighting liberal bias, promoting liberty and freedom, and helping women around the world. Here are the basics of being a conservative woman.

Being empowered is uplifting the spirits of women worldwide. Those who are afraid to speak up because of their right-leaning views will hide no more, especially in this cute slouchy tee.

Being strong physically is nice and we are that, we’re also mentally strong. The key characteristic of a conservative woman is being strong-minded.

A woman who stays true to herself, her values, and her morals signifies an honest and successful individual. Us conservatives often face backlash for our opinions, but we will always stay true to our core beliefs.

Staying poised when others are trying their hardest to tear you down is what really makes leftists mad. Remaining positive despite the hate helps conservatives remain prosperous.

While liberals are trying to tear us down, being courageous and fighting for what we believe is right is what us conservatives are known for. We are not known to back down, especially we are known for using facts and logic over opinions and emotion.

Be informed. The single most important thing about conservative women is that they always know what is happening around them. Whether it is in their state, in D.C., or around the world, they are always on top of the news stories and active in their communities.

All in all,

Be like Mia

Be like Nikki

Be like Carly

Be like Margaret

Be like Condoleeza

Be like Kellyanne

Be like Nancy.

Most importantly,

Continue to proudly be the fearless conservative woman that you are.

Sydney H
FFL Contributor
Sydney is a Poli Sci obsessed southern girl, who wishes RomneyRyan2012 had actually happened. She's a lover of the outdoors and all things red, white, and blue. If she isn't at work or school, you can most likely find her at home taking a nap (for 3 hours).

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