Every woman goes through trials and tribulations in the process of making their dreams a reality. Ultimately, no hard working person wants to face rejection. It’s incredibly discouraging and can make any person feel like all their hard work was for nothing.

This past month, I faced a rejection that many high school seniors and even college aged transfer students can sometimes face: getting rejected from my top choice of colleges to attend in the fall. Facing this level of rejection, no matter how confident she may be, can make a girl feel like she’s not good enough for this world. It’s easy to compare yourself to other people, especially when it seems like they have their whole lives well put together. It’s easy to feel disempowered, depressed, and feel a loss in direction.

When you feel a loss that deep, the hardest part is bouncing back. The rejection I felt was overwhelming, considering it was my dream to attend that university. Despite feeling discouraged, I knew that I couldn’t throw my goals out the window. Giving up on your dreams may seem like an easy alternative to avoid the pain of failure; but the reality is that it can be the hardest. Brick walls are constructed in our lives for reasons that we cannot understand, but we have to trust that there’s always a greater purpose in our failures. One bump in the road does not mean that your journey towards reaching your goals and becoming the woman you’re meant to be is over. We live in a country where the opportunities to succeed are infinite. The primary thing I did after facing rejection was to tell myself that it wasn’t the end of my journey or my fight to finish what I started. It may be easy to fall into a mindset that you will continue to fail after one letdown, but if you continue living in that mindset, it will keep you from trying again to succeed.

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As Ronald Reagan once famously quoted: “America is too big for small dreams.” If your dreams are big, nothing can stop you, not even failure. Strong women don’t let tribulations stop them from creating an alternative plan to accomplish their goals, and girl bosses do not give up when they are declined from one path to their goals. There are so many ways to find your success. There isn’t just one path. 

To the girl who is reading this who feels like she’s not good enough, smart enough, or strong enough, may I remind you how far you have come. One bump in your journey is not the end. It is one small part of a story that can ultimately lead you to success if your mind is set on accomplishing your goals. Trust in God’s process, never let rejection discourage you, and never give up! Your story is only just beginning. Focus on your weaknesses, work in every way you can to improve yourself, and continue to fight to accomplish your goals. It may seem impossible, but if you set your mind to it, you can do anything.

Rachel P