1.  Dating is near impossible – Scenario: You meet a guy. He’s handsome, he makes you laugh, and you really hit it off. You’re thinking “wow, he may be the one!” Then…. You find out the worst possible thing: He’s a liberal. He votes Democrat. He maybe even voted for Obama… TWICE! Or worse, he “doesn’t care about politics.” The man isn’t even registered to vote. He doesn’t even know who the governor of your state is! And your heart shatters.


2. Whenever a major event occurs you just HAVE to talk about it, even if nobody wants to listen – Whenever anything even slightly related to politics shows up on the news. you’re always itching to discuss it. You want to talk about it for hours. You want to have heated discussing about President Obama, Election Day, and current policies. Some of your friends may even rely on you for their daily news, because they just KNOW you’re going to be the first one to talk about it (you even get news alerts sent to your phone… #committed). The problem is none of your friends care as much as you do. You may have a few friends who are interested in politics and current events, but nobody is even half as passionate about it as you are.

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3. Not being able to post your opinions on Facebook – The struggle of being a young Republican woman is that 90% of your peers are liberal democrats. So when you want to post about how excited you are the Republicans took the senate, or how many times you eye rolled watching President Obama’s speech you probably avoid it. Why? Because if not, you have a scenario that could potentially end up in an all-out Facebook war. And when you don’t avoid it, because you’re entitled to your own opinion, there’s always those people who get extremely offended and can’t handle your opposing viewpoints.

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4. Feeling like the elephant in the room, literally – There is bound to be a time when someone says something so extremely ridiculous you chuckle and roll your eyes, and think “they must be joking.” You cannot believe those words just came out of someone’s mouth, or worse the fact that they actually believe what they said. You notice that you’re the only one who disagrees. You’re speechless. You’re thinking “Oh my gosh, these people VOTE!”

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5. You have to walk on egg shells around your liberal friends – You know that topics such as immigration, foreign policy, health care, and gun control are taboo topics. If the topic is even brushed on, World War III will break out over brunch. So, you avoid these topics at all costs and sip your mimosa with a garnish of eyeroll.

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Stephanie F
FFL Cabinet Member