Growing up in the South, I knew of many local political groups in my hometown. I was aware there was a Republican women club, but I was never quite sure how to get involved.  Because of the age difference with myself and the the members in the club, I was somewhat intimidated.  I was unsure if I would be a valuable member. Looking back, I laugh at that thought.  I wish I hadnt waited until I moved to my college town to get involved with the women group here. Anyone has the opportunity to impact anything they get involved with at any level.

From a friend, I received some contact information for the Republican women group in my college town. We reached out to them and told them we were looking to get involved, especially in such a critical election year. We met and had coffee with their executive board before they held a formal meeting.  They explained their officer roles and what all we could do by becoming involved with them. They were friendly and passionate about everything they do.  I was excited because I could see myself being just like them in thirty years, as we already had so many similarities. We shared the same passions, just wanted to spread our conservative message, and reach as many people as possible with it.

When I went to the first formal meeting, I had a blast. They reserve a lot of time for fellowship and networking at the beginning of the meeting.  This is incredibly important for me as I look to really start my career in the next year. Making connections is super important for me within all of the organizations I am involved in. After the time for conversation was over, we had a nice dinner and listened to a guest speaker. He was an expert in foreign policy, and gave us a lot of information on the founding, current status, and future of ISIS. It was very insightful to hear a professional talk about it instead of the media. I learned a lot in a very encouraging, empowering atmosphere.

Since then, Ive been provided with countless opportunities and knowing women who are very successful in the political realm. These women attended the Republican National Convention as delegates for their area, know everyone there is to know in Alabama, and have placed high stakes in all of the things they do. From voter registration drives to service opportunities to help veterans, I am getting more out of this than I ever thought possible, and not just things to place on my resume.

Im thankful that we have such a great Republican women group in my town and that they have given me the opportunity to be involved with them. I am looking forward to all of the work we will do in the future.

After this experience, I encourage you to see what opportunities are around you.  Get involved with your local group as well.  A simple Google or Facebook search will most likely lead you in the right direction. You never what know opportunities, friendships, and possible jobs and internships will come out of it. Good luck.

Sarah G