The midterms are upon us. If you are involved in politics, this means a lot of stress, door knocking, phone calls, and caffeine. If you aren’t involved in politics then this is the season of yard signs, annoying calls, people knocking on your door, and campaign ads during commercials.

The midterms are a crazy time to begin with it and it means putting in an extra effort because it seems like no one cares during the midterms. However, this year is very different for Republicans. Historically, Republicans have a better turn out during the midterms than the Democrats. That might change this year.

Democrats are fighting back harder than they ever have. They are fundraising a ton of money, have pretty good ground game, and are making national headlines – with the help of the mainstream media. We have followed the US Senate races, the gubernatorial race in New York, as well as the US House race in New York City. Why? Because of the aggressive media coverage of it all.

Even from just looking at early voting numbers, Democrats are showing up and showing out. They are counting on Republicans staying home during this election because Donald Trump isn’t on the ticket.

But here is what is on the ticket folks – our futures. Right now, Republicans hold both of the Senate and House with a majority. We are at risk of losing that because of the money Democrats have been putting up, the anger they have instilled in their base, and the foolishness of Washington in the past few months.

Remember all the problems we face with the Supreme Court nominations? Imagine that, but with no progress. Absolute gridlock.

This midterm election is going to pave the way to the 2020 presidential election. It is up to Republicans to set the tone. We are playing defense to the Democrats right now and we must start playing offense. We are letting Democrats attack while we sit back and play nice. The way Lindsey Graham went after the Democrats in the Kavanaugh hearing is exactly how we should be exposing Democrats in the midterms, but with the poise of Nikki Haley.

Republicans must start stepping up the plate by hitting their base, raising money, and showing up the polls more than we ever have. The momentum behind the Democrats right now isn’t what we are used to during a midterm year. Now, it’s time to react. Republicans have a lot to lose so we must step up.

What can you do to help?

  • Donate

  • Share your support for you favorite candidates via social media

  • Go work the polls

  • Door knock

  • Phone bank

  • Do literature drops

  • Show up and vote

Republicans, we must not let this election slide out from underneath us. Under Republican leadership, this country has a booming economy, we are paying less in taxes, lower unemployment, and we can still do more.

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Our time needs to continue. Do your part.

Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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