On Sunday, the hashtag “#TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet” began trending and, as you can imagine during this heinous election year, the tweets were equally as heinous. Trump may or may not be the most unlikeable candidate (it seems that him and Hillz are running a pretty close race for that), but that’s up for the American people to decide in November. What’s even worse than this presidential election, however, was the fact that feminists wasted no time when it came to shaming the women who expressed their love for Donald J. Trump.

How ironic is it that an account dedicated to promoting feminism, women’s empowerment and positivity, can also dehumanize, belittle and embarrass women who have a different opinion from them? Doesn’t feminism encourage women to find their voices, fight for their beliefs, and love themselves while doing so? Unfortunately, that part of feminism only applies when you hate the imaginary patriarchy.

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This absurd, twisted version of feminism really isn’t all that “feminist.” It’s a sad way to push an agenda and convince women that they need to follow a societal standard to be successful in life. Didn’t women like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and Lucy Stone fight for American women to have the ability to advocate for whichever presidential candidate they please? This version of third-wave feminism was not what these women’s rights icons had in mind when they pictured the future of women.

The exact same words that are off limits for men to call women are the words that right-leaning women get called everyday for deciding to step out of mainstream ideologies and expand their minds. We aren’t brainwashed by the “patriarchy,” we aren’t oppressed, and we don’t feel the need to have anything handed to us because we are women. We have explored and studied the policies, practices, and ideals of the candidates we support and that is why we choose to affiliate ourselves with the parties we so choose.

By definition, feminism is supposed to support women for choosing to be intelligent, well-rounded individuals regardless of political affiliations. Unfortunately, that is not the case. This so-called “women’s empowerment” does quite the opposite. We are told we are bigoted, trashy, and unintelligent solely based on the fact we do not perfectly fit into the standard that has been laid out for us.

It is truly a blessing to know the conservative women that I know. Each and every woman is unique and beautiful in her own way. She is talented, intelligent, and well-informed. She is empowered through her own strength and not through the cookie-cutter idea of what a perfect woman in today’s time should be like. Each woman is able to speak freely of the issues that they feel are important without fear of backlash because it wasn’t what they were “supposed” to believe.

If feminists want to earn the respect of not only men, but women as well, they have to realize that neither political affiliation nor choice of presidential candidate determines someone’s worth. The women who supposedly broke the Internet advocating for Donald Trump, keep doing your thing. That is your choice and your right. You are not trash, you are not ugly, you are simply an American exercising your right.

It’s time to stop being so hypocritical. If you want to empower women, you cannot pick and choose which woman you want to empower. Practice what you preach or don’t preach at all.

Julia D
FFL Contributor
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