When Sarah Huckabee Sanders announces she was leaving the White House, people were surprised but not shocked. That woman had one of the hardest jobs in America—and she had to do it while raising three kids of her own. I know I certainly can’t blame her for deciding to hand off the reins and explore a new path. But that surprise made me even more excited to read her new book, Speaking for Myself

I’ve lost count of the books published by Trump administration officials but its a healthy mix of “This man is a tyrant who must be stopped at all costs” and “This man is the best thing since sliced bread.” Sarah Sanders’ account of her time in the White House lands somewhere in the realistic middle. She’s clearly a fan of Trump—they left on good terms and she wasn’t a leaker so she wasn’t facing wrath—but she doesn’t try to glorify him. This book is full of personal stories and even some just slightly off-kilter things Trump said to her, or did, and she’s got a good sense of humor about it all. 

From her childhood in Arkansas, as the daughter of one of the many governors who would run alongside Trump in 2016, Sanders paints a fascinating picture of a true life in politics. I think I knew that Sanders helped run campaigns for her father, but I didn’t realize just how involved and active she was in true on-the-ground politics until reading this! It definitely makes me thing her life in politics is not over yet.

Of course, this being a White House memoir, it’s a great read to relive some of the big moments of this administration’s first few years. From the Inauguration size fight to Scaramucci’s ten days, from the Red Hen kick-out to the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, Sanders was not only there for it all, but she has to control the media response to it as well. Talk about a stressful job. 

This is a memoir you won’t be able to put down. Get your copy of Speaking For Myself by Sarah Huckabee Sanders here.

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Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member